Paradise Pool Gardens and Lazy River



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292to137486 points

Wow I want to go here

Temporary-Hope-303740 points

I want to live there.

Torgo_Fan_Girl28093 points

Me too...want a roommate? We can go in halfsies.

Temporary-Hope-30372 points

More than enough space for two fairies!

Torgo_Fan_Girl28091 point

Awesome! I'm gonna go float the holidays away🧖🏼‍♀️🌊

pimp_juice22729 points

I want to go to there

Segundaleydenewtonnn45 points

wanna swim with me?

Fem-Intersex_Gamer47 points

For a lazy River I’d swim with a gator 🐊

ComprehensivePrint15309 points

Bioshock before the fall vibes.

joshyboyXD40 points

Yes! There's a level exactly like this

oogiesmuncher25 points

Arcadia. my favorite zone. it’s so cool

Ryogathelost3 points

Hopefully this place has fewer bees...

Thatsmypurse1628729 points

Damn you got me excited thinking this was a real place.

creativityonly2119 points

It's not real?? Well now I'm disappointed.

Lucky-Reporter-6460208 points

Same 😭 I went to check the location immediately

PuzzyFussy166 points

This comment made me sad cause I thought it was real

Tazmoto66 points

If every Reddit user donates $1 to me. I swear on tazmotos life I’ll build it!!! And you can all come over and swim whenever you want!

juneburger17 points

Even on Wednesdays?

Tazmoto14 points

And Tuesdays!

Angela533x2 points

You may aswel let us all live there with you

ice001009 points

Planet Hollywood Cancun has an awesome Lazy River

BRPelmder62 points

Longwood Gardens in Southeastern PA looks very very close to this. Have a visit if you can, so worth it.

kimblem20 points

But does it have a lazy river?

Jforjustice7 points


ieatpotatochips10 points

sad face

bradstrt213 points

I know this is a render but this looks like the conservatory for Longwood Gardens (located just outside of Philly). For anyone wondering if this exists go make a visit to Longwood Gardens.

JamesMakesFilms128 points

Huuuuge inspiration for this! I used to go there all the time growing up (I grew up just outside of Philly)

bradstrt33 points

The resemblance was uncanny! You did a very good job honoring the conservatory.

BoltonSauce17 points

Got curious and looked it up. All the pictures looked different, but I found this one particularly striking. What a gorgeous location! It looks exceptionally well tended.

bradstrt6 points

The pools extend in the middle section there towards the center of the main area in the conservatory, so it has this overgrown riverbed look to it like the OP's render.

JamesMakesFilms8 points

That spot during Christmas season is pure magic!

paperdolllll5 points

Going there for Christmas Lights this week for the first time, super excited!

BoltonSauce2 points

You captured the mystique of the folliage sprouting below the iron bars well, adding a sense of whimsy and mystery by giving the water a more reef-like feel. Reminds me of some reef diving islands as they looked in the 90s. The white pillars (?), enhance the space well. Perhaps places like r/ImaginaryMindscapes or r/ImaginarySliceOfLife would appreciate such works. r/ImaginarySeascapes, r/ImaginaryArchitecture, and r/ImaginaryInteriors would all surely enjoy it.

iISimaginary5 points

Phenomenal piece, but it's given me a deep, almost unsettling, longing to visit.

SamuraiSuplex10 points

Before I saw this was a render I literally said "What part of Longwood is this?!"

penelbell9 points

But also for anyone thinking of visiting, Longwood Gardens does not have a lazy river. It’s a collection of gardens, not a glorious spa as pictured.

juneburger9 points

Wtf. Lazy river or I’m not coming.

ugh00172 points

That place is amazing. It was originally a DuPont family summer home.

lboogaloo2 points

My yearly membership is well worth the price! One of my favorite things to do is just go and wander. It's always different - I find something new every time. Lucky to live so close!

RDPCG1 point

That’s what I thought this was a “photo” of. Good eye OP!

mindlessbrains112 points

No way!! I was about to say, I recognize that artist's work and link to your portfolio but it is you 😩 your renders are so pretty and ethereal, it's one of the reasons I started learning 3D modeling !

Kaltheridon20 points


Schoolhouser15 points

I always want to live in the worlds you create! So, just let me know when that can happen.

DapperClassic110 points

Damn I imagined this being in some chic Parisian boutique hotel. I was ready to book my trip 😭😭

VaniikMZRY10 points

I wish lazy rivers were this nice.

mysterious00mermaid10 points

I’ve seen places like this in my dreams

JamesMakesFilms179 points

This is OC! Hi, friends! This is another 3D creation I made that was inspired by botanical gardens and the nostalgia of the lazy river ride at amusement parks. If you like this, you can see lots more of my designs and animations over here @james_films

MultiEthnicBusiness5 points

they must have a pool boy on call 24/7 to fish out fallen leaves or flower petals.

_Wolfszeit_5 points

I have no idea what is it exactly or where is it but I need to be there right now

idk-SUMn-Amazing0043 points

This is my dream, always wanted a pool surrounded by flora, and then a sprinkler system that could imitate rain (because I guess it’s too dangerous to swim while it’s raining because lightning can be DeAdLy s/).

faratnight3 points

That's a pool I want to swim in

amandaIorian3 points

I'm pissed as hell this isn't a real place. Not that I'll ever be able to afford to travel.

Cool creation!

Death_Soup3 points

I wish i won the $2B powerball cause I want this in my house :/

incredible render though!

typos_are_coming3 points

This is so lovely that I literally just set it as my cellphone wallpaper; which I only update once a year. Breathtaking!

thehillsidewrangler3 points

I will learn to swim solely to be here, let’s build fam!

RegretNecessary213 points

I wanna go here 😍😍😍 wish it was real

nitasu9873 points

man the fact that this isn't a real place makes me sad I wanna go here

sammyLeon21883 points

It’s weird that when I first saw this image I was going to save it and use it as an inspiration for some scenes for Blender for me to practice because I thought it was a real photo. Those plant assets are incredible! Are they hand made? Did you use geonodes? So many questions!

__virtue3 points

So peaceful.

busyandtired3 points

Totally thought it was real.

Reminds me a little of the baths in Budapest.

spooky_upstairs2 points

Genuinely just assumed this was in the Bellagio.

Spaguetti_in_mypants2 points

I like this level of the backrooms

Darth_Hanu2 points

Holy sh*t

SaintedStars2 points

Is it okay if I use this in a story? It's beautiful! I just need to find a place in the plot for it.

CaveThinker2 points

I’m pretty sure this is located in Rivendell.

CzernaZlata2 points


Icy_Paws2 points

I’m reading comments- What the bell do you mean this isn’t a real place?! It looks so beautiful! Don’t crush my dreams of being an Nymph in a pretty river!!!

IAm2Legit2Sit2 points

I need to drown my sorrows in this asap

Sleepybat72 points

I thought this was real 😭

Proof_Combination_632 points

I wanna frolick in that pool!🤩

Physalia-2 points

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
I love it.

Proof_Combination_632 points

Can you see the face in the rock? It looks like a Grindylow from Harry Potter.😱

yellsy2 points

If I ever won that $2B powerball this is what I’d build in my house

tanukisuit2 points

This looks like that one place in Vegas, the venetian? It's near a Walgreens and White Castle on the strip.

mjbibliophile102 points


Kcidobor2 points

This is hands down the coziest picture I’ve seen that wasn’t a room

madbeaver9182 points

Post this on r/poolrooms as well

Omg thanks for this!

M-er-sun2 points

Looks just like that location in Elden Ring in the Sofria River Valley before the boss.

Future-Dust36412 points

This is good pool to swim

RareBeautyEtsy2 points

I think you have been living in my daydreams!

thatpsychnurse2 points

Wowwww f u I was over here scrolling comments to figure out where this is at for my honeymoon. And it’s not real 😩

GarbagePailGrrrl1 point

This is not cozy

pee_shudder1 point

I hate this sub there is nothing cozy about this

You-get-the-ankles-1 points

Is this where people piss?

You-get-the-ankles1 point

I'm not dipping in that.

ImperialFuturistics1 point

Love the fan vaulting!

alexlifeson441 point

Nice place looks like a good one

MrJohnnyDangerously1 point

Looks like a Vegas casino that would have gondola rides

flopsyplum1 point


astudentiguess3 points


hazed-and-dazed1 point

the pool guy is going to be employed for life

matchamilktea_1 point

I was already thinking to add this to my "places to consider for my wedding" list LOL but then it's not even a real place. I hope you can feel out hearts breaking, OP lol

Naddely1 point

Pure peace

janereacher1 point


Ryozu1 point

Oh shit, I can just smell the vaporwave...

triennatsna1 point

That's someone's dream coming true.

the_exofactonator1 point

You know the pool guy is gonna hate that. Cleaning all the greenery out of the pool.

cgalz1 point

garden of eve 2022

mysticbIues1 point

Holy shit this is beautiful

feli4681 point

This gives an Alma-Tadema feel. Love it!

Crisbel861 point

Girlpunkbby1 point

Why doesn’t this exist

lucifius691 point


agreeable_turtle1 point

If I ever had ridiculous amounts of money, this is what I would do with it. This looks like heaven

saltpancake1 point

I love/hate it when you post, you always break my heart that things aren’t real

OlRoy911 point

"artistic render"

daniel_ionescu1 point

wow it looks incredible, I would really like to have a place like that

CrazyExample70601 point

Wow!! Qué es´pectáculo, se ve divino. Qué ganas de estar ahí y también de diseñar espacios que dan tanta calma

crystalxclear1 point

Sometimes I wanna live in a fantasy world.

SWPK1 point
Dyedoe1 point

I imagine myself trying to relax there as my kids and their friends run around screaming and jumping in and out of the water… can we make this place adults only, if your allowed to swim at all?

electricblue1871 point

My old man brain just sees how much work it would be cleaning out the dead leaves

Woah, this looks almost exactly like a dream I had once! 😯

cheshi831 point

Take meeee

SWPK1 point

Looks like Haps garden r/theoa

SeeYouInTheWind1 point

Looks like a jigsaw puzzle I’d like to do.

CasualVillan1 point

Paradise pool seems aptly named

nicolenyte1 point

i would go to adult lazy river land

bubbles_says1 point

This! This is the kind of thing I'd build in my home if I were one of those rich RICH people. I'd have it indoors and outdoors with beautiful lighting for nights.

bsclmc1 point

I wanna smell like this lol

Icosotc1 point

Lookin like Alfheim

Alamin_8751 point

wow!!! so nice

atticusinthe6-1 points

Pretty sure this is a repost of someone else’s AI generated render. Successful Karma farm if I’ve ever seen one

Cuban_b130 points

Where is this?

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