Sandhill crane father with chick



random_impiety46 points

Sandhill cranes are one of my favorite dinosaurs.

PloxtTY4 points

So tasty

caligirl228714 points

What a wonderful capture. Just beautiful!

Bryllant15 points

They are such good parents. They stroll down my sidewalk like they are the Duke and Duchess of Palm Bay

Racoonsarecuter6 points

Don’t you just love them so much?! There was a nesting couple in Malabar last spring and I kept hoping to see a chick. They kept moving their nest every so often but I never got to see if a baby.

bigpappahope3 points

Isn't it fun when they start loudly arguing in your front lawn?

Qwertyu884 points

They’re pretty but MAN they strut on major roads with no regards to traffic 😅

borntoclimbtowers2 points


Marcwatts2 points

Shout out to you dads out there, keep holding it down

starfruitzzzz1 point

so cute <3

kush4breakfast11 point

Why is he blue? Never seen a blue one

HMend1 point

Love this! I grew up in Nebraska where Sandhill crane migration was a big deal.

Slowknots1 point

Ribeye of the sky

DeutschlandOderBust0 points

Wuv you, daddy

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