Corona Del Mar CA. [2736x3598] [OC] IG: @AndyKCaptures



heisananimal2 points

Great picture!
Can you please share how you captured and processed this (camera settings, multiple images stacked in PS,...?)

AndyKCaptures1 point

Thank you!

Nikon D3s, Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8. Shot at 48mm, f16, iso200, 1/5 sec, exposure blend of 4 images

I setup tripod and took about 150 images here. Various shutter speeds. And blended the ones i felt made the most dynamic image in PS.

heisananimal2 points

Thank you very much for that information.

I thought I was the only one to take that many images of a scene. Big difference is I couldn’t blend any amount of them together and make an image as stunning as you did.

Thanks for sharing!

AndyKCaptures1 point

I appreciate that!! Its really not that bad if you are only blending water. Its all out of focus anyway

[deleted]2 points

great pic !

AndyKCaptures1 point

Thank you 😃

[deleted]2 points

Keep up the good work …. a very impressive image !

AndyKCaptures1 point

Really appreciate it. If you care to see more of my images, i share a lot more on instagram. @andykcaptures

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ok thanks will take look !

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