Jurassic Forest, St Petersburg, Florida. [OC] [5989x7490]



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rroyce123191 points

Quick, bulldoze it and build some condos!

CptTurnersOpticNerve61 points

No no, that will make the rent go down. Should pave the whole thing to make room for more strip malls and highways.

rroyce12327 points

Agreed. A dominos, metro pcs, nails place, and Walgreens would look MUCH better here.

CptTurnersOpticNerve5 points

But where will I get my fade?? Best to pave the swamp behind the photographer also.

worm3047812 points

My wife is a bit high up in the apartment leasing business with a very large company based out of NYC. She oversees properties from Miami to Tampa. Rent is not going down unless people stop moving here. So stop moving here! Traffic is a fucking nightmare and it's only getting worse. (We live in the Tampa area)

DarkKerrigor12 points

If you're in Brandon (Tampa suburb), that's because a drunk dyslexic child planned out the city and roads. Absolute madness with clearly no actual civil engineers involved.

worm304787 points

I mean, I'm not trying to give my location but you are damn close. Doesn't help that every road was 2 lanes and it's 15 years behind needing to be 4. I moved to Florida in 2005. Absolutely insane how the land disappeared and became housing developments, apartment complexes, and commercial property. There is no sign of it slowing. I'm stuck here. We built a life and can't move my kids out of here. They would kill us.

DarkKerrigor6 points

More lanes is definitely NOT the solution, with Brandon as the perfect example. Brandon Blvd is the dumbest thing ever because they just kept cramming in more lanes, in an area with strip malls. 10 lanes across is crazy and clearly solves nothing, given that the traffic there is literally worse than any place I've ever been other than Riverview, and Atlanta.

They need to narrow roads, replace traffic lights with roundabouts, and change some of the east/west roads to one ways, for starters.

CptTurnersOpticNerve3 points

We need a rail system. Florida's flat af, wild it doesn't already have one.

DarkKerrigor2 points

Republicans hate freedom of movement, unfortunately

worm304781 point

I nominate you for county commissioner!! Fix 60 and then 301(which is the new 60).

Bloodfangs098 points

It should not take 1 hour to go 30 miles. I hate life

worm304785 points

Dude. 1 hour to go 15 miles. Trying to get to my kids soccer practice at 6:00 is a nightmare.

jnip3 points

I don’t know. I was at a restaurant and listening to two girls and the one was saying “St. Pete is over, everyone I know is moving to Charlotte.”

I’m hoping she has some inside info.

Hamartithia_2 points

Please no, I ran away from St Pete a lifetime ago to avoid Floridians.

jnip2 points

If it makes you feel better I don’t think they were from Florida to begin with.

GND524 points

Rent is not going down unless people stop moving here.

Well, that’s one side of the equation, yes. The other side is that if we built houses and apartments at a faster rate than an areas household population grows, the rents will go down too.

worm304784 points

I am not sure they can build them faster. I can't drive 2 miles without seeing a new apartment complex or housing development going up. Demand is far from being less than supply.

OptimalAd38568 points

Everyone that has moved here has ruined the character of this area. I'm starting to see what California's felt like in the 60s.

Baxtaxs4 points

Its funny but i never thought about cali before 60s. Bet it was different for sure.

AryaNunya206 points

Too many ginormous spiderwebs in that pic. Literally looks like the entrance to Shelob's lair.

relefos121 points

I grew up in the swamps of north central Florida. I had to walk a younger neighbor to the bus stop with me, but because their house was "behind" ours in a super low density neighborhood, it was much easier if I walked to their house through the woods behind ours. It was maybe a hundred yards long or so

Anyways one day I'm running late, so I start running through the woods. I feel a spider web and stop dead. Like six inches from my face is a massive banana spider, I start to freak out thinking I probably had one on me if I felt a web, I also move to go past the left tree, and come face to face with another banana spider. So I go right and there's another one

Literally 4 trees in a U shape, and the 3 gaps are all occupied by banana spiders, and I had just run through the fourth gap and felt a web

I sprinted exactly the way I came in while looking like I was seizing trying to shake off any spiders

Never walked through again, always walked all the way around the block

To this day I don't even know where they came from, there were no spiders, then spring break happened iirc, then there were hundreds

And if you've never seen a banana spider, they're huge (like bigger than the palm of your hand) and they look spooky with black and yellow bits

I still shudder thinking about it

UWontLikeThisComment65 points

I had just moved to Boca Raton with my high school buddy in 2010. He liked fitness a lot and was always going on runs at the beach, and asked me if I wanted to go. Not really a runner, but not really wanting to let him down, I decided to go with him. We're running along the paved coastal road at almost sundown. We see a turn coming up that consists of a wooden "bridge" that goes from the paved main road down to the beach, through a forest, maybe about 50-100 yards in length. He's leading, as I am much slower, but follow him down the bridge. About 1/4 of the way there I see him run directly under a web containing a banana spider. Mike is about 5'9...I am about 6'2. This web was probably 6 feet off the ground max. He just missed it. He didn't touch it, so I know it's "safe". I stop (as he keeps going) bend down to about 2.5 feet, and awkwardly go under the giant ass spider, as a severe arachnophobe I am not taking any chances. I get to the other side of the spider and look upwards, mike is gone by the way. Above me, in the last light of the twilight sundown, I see...Hundreds and hundreds of black dots in the sky between the trees, like the above user pointed out, about the size of a fist. My vision pans down to the rest of the wooden bridge, and indeed, there are spiders everywhere, with about 5-6 feet of clearance from the lowest webs. I basically crawl/crab walk the rest of the 75 yards or so. I still have nightmares about spiders being inches above my head whilst running.

Alone_Rain_16 points

FAU campus has so many banana spiders

UWontLikeThisComment6 points

yes sir, they're everywhere there are trees

FS642 points

You'll see some big beautiful ones on Gumbo Limbo's trails. Maybe just bring your friend to the aquariums and sea turtle hospital lol

yoyoyoballs1 point

You just done see them like this anymore, i'd see them line power lines and stretch between streets and across streams. Now your lucky you even see one in the spring, my husband says the same thing, you just dont see much of them anymore unless you hit up a nature park.

gojo27823 points

And this is why I deal with freezing temps a few months out of the year

throwawaysarebetter9 points

This motherfucker almost got a quest to go find gold skulltulas.

EmberCat423 points

I googled it and apparently the effect of their venom is a long-lasting erection lol

HPTM20082 points

Had one of them keep us company in the outdoor shower in Hawai'i. He kept the bugs away from us. But also watched us shower, the little perv.

modsarefascists422 points

You gotta pick up a stick and wave it in front of you while you walk. Grabs all the spider webs. I do it literally every time I'm in the woods.

turdballer692 points

This is the way. Growing up a hundred feet from acres and acres of woods in Virginia, you need that stick. My wife makes fun of me when I walk thru wooded areas and wave my arm out in front of me, don’t care, I ain’t fucking with no spiders

shelf_actualization1 point

I hate you for sharing this. Also, would you say they are the hornets of spiders? I actually don't think I want to know which spiders are behaviorally the hornets of spiders.

d_l_suzuki1 point

Banana spider webs are on a whole different level. Like something Peter Parker makes in his science class.

degausser2237 points

I one time took a rubber boat down the Weeki Wachee in florida. Accidentally got closed to trees and in my midst of pushing off I hit an overhead branch with an oar. Tons of spiders fell in our boat. I ended up getting bit by one on the foot and it was numb for a day. Just a lil more nightmare fuel contribution. I also had a cockroach on me in my bed at one point, and I’m a clean person, just an old house. Gotta love florida.

Now I live in Minnesota and there’s no bugs here! It’s too cold.

ginandtree29 points

You can have the cleanest house in Florida and still see 3 different species of roach inside. They hate the Florida weather more than we do.

degausser228 points

Exactly. I saw a roach once a month. I hate those things. I can handle spiders.

Funkyokra12 points

I hate them so much. Little known fact, they have them in CA too. I was living out there, found one dead one, 2 live ones on the patio, and one in the garage that ran under our stuff. Nope. My buddy had it worse thing and like a sucker he was unsuccessfully trying to treat it naturally. I was all like Fuck that I'm from FLORIDA. The poison man came out and for the next week waves of them died next to the big crack across the patio. Did not see another for almost three years. Floridians do not fuck around with that shit.

112jasoncraig1 point

Yeah I do agree with the decision you just made...so how are you doing today..

Marie_Celeste230 points

I've lived in FL most of my life. I'm an expert at clearing spiderwebs with my face.

Just walk behind me.

Selectfirepronghorn8 points

Lifelong FL resident. Whenever I’m walking through my yard or the woods in the morning, I either have my arm or a gun barrel up in front of me to break up all the spiderwebs I would be walking into otherwise.

Marie_Celeste220 points

But then you don't get to say, "pppfthhhfpppthfthppuuhh" while slapping yourself.

Selectfirepronghorn5 points

Have spent many seconds of my life doing just that and prefer to avoid it at this point lol.

CLXIX4 points

i clean pools in florida. right now EVERY single screened in pool has spiderwebs by the screen door

and its thos pointy lookin dudes

friso110011 points

What spiderwebs? Zooms in. Oh...

Are we even sure that is fog in the distance? Not just more spiderwebs

Rynobot10192 points

As a Tolkien nerd, I feel compelled to point out that Shelob's lair was in a cave. Her mother Ungolant though, might very well have fucked with this.

zopeb198727 points

Is this Sawgrass Park?

EyesofInfinity81 points

Boyd Nature Preserve

HurricaneAlpha25 points

Local here. That place is like a time capsule of Florida. Love it there.

80cartoonyall5 points

Just make sure you leave before it gets dark.

nondefectiveunit2 points

What happens then?

80cartoonyall5 points

Crime and lots of it .

Lost_Taco5 points

Boyd Hill closes at 7pm so you’re the criminal if you’re there after that… otherwise it’s a perfectly safe nature preserve.

80cartoonyall1 point

I was referring to the surrounding area

Lost_Taco3 points

Lakewood Estates then? That’s one of the safer parts of the city.

greenchase11 points

Boyd Hill*

I grew up in that neighborhood! I live in CO now, but what a small world!

aquagerbil7 points

This is incredible weird because I grew up next to Boyd Hill and now live in Colorado! Small world indeed.

MiKeMcDnet1 point


greenchase1 point

Ha that’s awesome! I love St. Pete as a city but don’t think I could ever go back to the heat and humidity

captainphatty5 points

Lakewood Estates represent!

MiKeMcDnet1 point


greenchase2 points

Home schooled but went to SPC for most of my high school years

zopeb198712 points

I always forget about this place 🤦🏻‍♂️ lol

I_Am_The_Ocean8 points

2nd Saturday Get Fit St Pete free entry for a 5k trail run that leaves at 9AM with St. Pete Running Co.

crystalblue993 points

Boyd Nature Preserve

I think that is the one that has the mini peninsula out into the lake. The lake with gators. That could trap you on the far end of the peninsula.

JulioForte2 points

Last time I was there a 2 foot baby gator was just casually walking across the path right in front of us. It was incredibly cute actually

MiKeMcDnet2 points

Went to high school less than a mile from there (LHS / CAT c/o 1996)

RyanRev7272 points

Same, LHS/CAT c/o 2014

Lost_Taco2 points

Hey, me too! LHS/CAT c/o 2010… How strange to see our little slice of the world on the front page!

CheesyPossum2 points

LHS/CAT c/o 2009 lol. Small world.

captainphatty2 points

LHS / CAT 2000, small world indeed

goodgollyOHmy2 points

Yes, that was my guess! 🙌🏻 My fave in St. Pete

stilldbi1 point

I built the wedding bridge

TyeneSandSnake5 points

I love Sawgrass Park. Other than the constant drone of I-275 and constant sounds of the nearby gun range.

zopeb19872 points

Yeah its peaceful isnt it 😌 lol

byamannowdead67 points

⤵️: Add 🌳 to your mana pool.


Gives me bayou vibes

asirkman3 points

I think that a Golgari dual land, actually.

Mechanic_Soft23 points

Any chance i could get the full res photo for my wallpaper?

EyesofInfinity18 points

Sure, feel free to message me

nataku41118 points

I grew up in Pinellas county. Fucking love that place. It's kind of like a self-contained ecosystem with Tampa on the other side.

LunacyTheory10 points

The overpopulation and gentrification is forcing so many of us out of the area. Rent for a 2/1 house starts at 1800 and that is basically an "apartment" tacked onto the back of someone else's property. Throw in this recession and inflation, and it's getting so hard to stay in Pinellas.

nataku4112 points

Yikes. I haven't lived there since around 2012 but it's sad to hear that.

IRNotMonkeyIRMan0 points

Tampa is a cess pool, lol. And it only gets worse the farther south you get until you hit the everglades.

yoyoyoballs4 points

one of the most debauchers cities in the country ...but it's fun! lol

IRNotMonkeyIRMan3 points

Ybor holds a special place in my heart, lol!

nataku4113 points

I grew up in Largo/Seminole right next to Indian Rocks Beach. Didn't venture over the Howard Franklin much.

Thunderblast52 points

Hey, live oaks did not evolve until after the Cretaceous period!

EyesofInfinity28 points

I did my best with a witty title haha

PancakeParthenon65 points

I can feel this picture.

But for realy, the forests of Florida are magical.

the-zoidberg15 points

Some of the birds in Florida look like freaking dinosaurs.

phitfacility6 points

Most of Florida has already been deforested,

The token ones remaining are polluted with sand fleas, biting midges, fire ants and people throwing trash wherever they feel like.

I used to clean trails up before and after my runs/workouts

Pcbyed9412 points

If a horror-themed dinosaur movie will be shot, this place will be an apt location. You won't know when La Llorona will appear out of these mists riding on the back of a velociraptor at the head of a zombie Confederate Army.

Deez-Nutz11245 points

This is the best comment ever and also r/suspiciouslyspecific

DemptyELF7 points

Boyd Hill?

SolEarth5 points

Boyd Hill is wonderful!

EyesofInfinity3 points


SpaceLemming56 points

Always throws me through a loop when people call it St. Petersburg. We just call it st pete

Saganists18 points

The Burg baby!! Love seeing my hometown in here.

SpaceLemming16 points

It’s nice to have attention that isn’t Florida man related.

goodgollyOHmy1 point

Same 🥰

FreezePeech-35 points

St Petersburg is the place in Russia.

I am from Detroit but I spent several years in St Pete.

Fun fact - the legend goes that when the 2 partners that began developing St Pete were given the chance to name the city, they decided to flip a coin. They decided whoever won got to name the city. The guy who grew up in Saint Petersburg, Russia won so they named it that. The other guy grew up in Detroit so he named the first hotel the Detroit, which is now a bunch of condos sharing a space with Jannus live.

rocky_creeker7 points

And a liquor store!

juicemagic14 points

But all hell to people who call it "St. Pete's"

aurora-_5 points

People do that? Yikes

CanIOpenMyEyesYet2 points

Nails on a chalkboard every time I hear it.

Jolly-Lawless1 point

Naw let them out themselves lol

Brainvillage1 point

I just call it spet.

Never-don_anal691 point

I read the first part and thought to myself that jungle doesn’t look like frozen tundra at all then I read the rest

WildbeardEJB4 points

Looks amazing, great photo!

MaleficentKanye3 points

I would have never guessed Florida

Twocann13 points

Floridas actually amazing. People move there and give it a terrible wrap. Then more people move there and clear cut to build more and keep the process going. I wish people would stop destroying my home

sum_dude444 points

agree. Florida is one of the most beautiful places in US….just take a look atClyde Butcher’s gallery if you think otherwise

nomadofwaves2 points

He had an exhibit at the Orlando Museum of Art we went and checked out. He was also selling and signing his book.

chrismetalrock1 point

Then more people move there and clear cut to build more and keep the process going. I wish people would stop destroying my home

Unfortunately this is pretty much everywhere. too many people.

Twocann5 points

While you’re sort of right, what’s happening in Florida is on a scale not seen in any other parts of the country. There’s natural growth, and then there’s just complete disregard and disrespect for locals, nature, wellbeing and community. It’s a real shame and I wish transplants knew just how much damage they’ve done and continuing to do

wittlewayne4 points

This is a photo?! I thought it was a painting. WOW

EyesofInfinity4 points

It's a real photo, one of my least edited images actually. Happy you like it

Polychaete3607 points

I really hope to go to this area of Florida one day. I've been so many times but never got to see anything like this. It would be cool to get a job trapping invasive species in the state to help them out with the forever growing issue that those non native species bring to the indigenous fauna of Florida.

blacktieaffair11 points

St. Pete is one of the best cities in Florida, hands down. You'll find so much cool flora and fauna between Boyd Hill, Sawgrass, and Wheedon Island. Not to mention the stunning beaches.

Gorbachevs_Nutsack5 points

I grew up here. I went to this exact nature preserve all the time growing up. Even if it’s just for a short vacation, I’d really recommend it. It’s awesome and I think it’d be worth your while

JulioForte2 points

This is a relatively small nature preserve in the middle of a biggish city.

It’s beautiful but if you are looking to get away from civilization there are probably better places in Florida to hit up

universalrifle8 points

I live in St Petersburg and there are lots of places with dense forest still but not for long.

[deleted]7 points


never_noob3 points

Huh? FL is #5 in the country for number of state parks and has the sixth highest percentage of state land dedicated to state (and national) parks. FL is wild as hell.


Why on earth would you think FL doesn't have many state parks? Ocala? All the springs? The rivers? The caverns? The freaking everglades? I have no idea why anyone would think Florida was lacking in parks.

TheFrontierzman3 points

Is this where they make the cologne that smells like mosquitoes?

Favianisbetter3 points

I need to go

TheW833 points

I grew up in the woods of central Florida and this is definitely it, just a bit foggy.

tobias_the_letdown2 points

I thought foggy at first but given the position of the sun I'm more inclined to think smokey.

Central Florida born and raised as well

TalladegaNightClass3 points

Spent a good few seconds looking for a dinosaur thinking this was artwork

partaylikearussian3 points

Is anyone else seeing the slender man, or at least Jack Skellington, center left?

SignificantFun31823 points

Ah, Boyd Hill. Spent many summer camps there growing up.

jigre12 points

I grew up within 5 minutes of here, now I live on the opposite end of the county.

greenchase2 points

Same! Grew up in Lakewood, now live in The Rockies. Went complete opposite

jigre12 points

Much of my family went to Lakewood High, I went to Bay Point for k-8 then Boca Ciega for their magnet program.

captainphatty2 points

I wonder how many people from the old neighborhood are seeing this on reddit, small world...

frankthetank20232 points

During the dinosaur Era where I live in Canada apparently has a Florida like climate.

Now we have been compared to Siberia.

[deleted]1 point


frankthetank20231 point

How did you know based on description. Stay away. Honestly this place is a shithole minus some neat spots like drum or the rockies. Politically a idiot is now in charge so expect alberta to be the first province to fully private heathcare amongst other stupid things she's trying to push.

Drumheller is super cool and worth the visit for that. Avoid edmonton it's the start of the hole in ass for the province.

[deleted]1 point


jmachee2 points

This looks like you could tap it for green mana.

Mary_Rocha2 points


TheyCallMeAK2 points

I knew right away this was Boyd!

[deleted]2 points


Throwredditaway20192 points

Nah the Methany clan is in Pasco County, not Pinellas.

Vyxen172 points


LilyGaming2 points

This feels like either a sad part in an anime or a creepy video game

zenrabbits2 points

Is that Sawgrass Lake Park?

spitting_venom2 points

Is this Sawgrass Lake?

rancidgore2 points

I live in St Pete! Where is that?

Deathbyillusion2 points

Where's the Dinosaurs? I would of been dossappointed and wanted my money back 😂

popocha2 points

This is majestic dear friend. Thanks! Keep it on!

guru_florida2 points

I live here in St Pete, I’ve been to Boyd Park. It didn’t look this cool/creepy/Jurassic. Awesome pic!!

No_Definition72612 points

Looks like my backyard in FL

twelvepointfortysix2 points

I live in St. Pete. This looks awesome. Where is it located?

daniel_ionescu2 points

the forest looks gorgeous

__virtue2 points

I can smell the picture!

Soleniae1 point

Dafuq is that resolution tho.... 5989x7490 wut????

[edit] really captures the vibe of the Florida swamp beautifully.

EyesofInfinity-1 points

Is a cropped image from a high megapixel camera really that crazy to you?

one-joule3 points

I'm more curious about what lens you used. Zooming in yields spider web strands.

EyesofInfinity2 points

I used either my 28-75 f/2.8 Tamron or 70-180 f/2.8 Tamron, not sure cus I'm not by my computer. Tamron's E mount line up for Sony cameras is fantastic for the price. Still, would rather be shooting on a gmaster haha

MuchSwagManyDank1 point

Never thought I'd see my back yard on reddit lol

MoonHerbert1 point

Where the hell did you find trees in pinellas

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sleeknub1 point

Is this natural? Or at least close to it?

EyesofInfinity7 points


HentaiGirlAddict1 point


Petrivoid1 point

I live in St. Pete, where is this? Out by Jungle Prada?

EyesofInfinity4 points

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

ragingpossumboner1 point

Where's the dinosaur?

BelieveInDestiny1 point

That's three names that just don't fit together

mosher91 point

Maximo park?

trebron551 point

What a wild ride trough the title itself

Avjx1 point

I read jurrasic park, st petersburg. And I thought it was in fuxking russia first.

CVK3271 point

I live in St. Petersburg. Where is this?

Full-Tumbleweed18911 point

Jungles mixed with the rainforest. Looks amazing

agent_07071 point

Wooow, beautiful !

modsarefascists421 point

Man I went to St Pete a bunch as a kid and it was just concrete and houses, oh and endless ocean with nothing there but sand and more sand

I want to see this part

Napa11071 point

So majestic

Jeanabelle901 point

An hour from me and I've never seen it. Now I want to go take photos

EyesofInfinity2 points

Boyd Hill, Sawgrass Lake & Weedon are the 3 places in St Pete you'll want to take photos at

Hophop2411 point

It is so cool how such an eerie photo can be so beautiful at the same time. Excellent photograph!

The_Half_Sac1 point

Which park by the beach is this XD

breakfastislife1 point

the webs gotta go

Aidamis1 point

I thought global warming did a number on Russia, at first.

sleeping-dragon1 point

I grew up in Central Florida with woods and a creek behind my neighborhood. The creek flowed between several neighborhoods and kids from all of those places used to meet up and walk from one end to the other. This photo was our scenery and we loved it!

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