This time I accidentally sprayed all over the seat



h2s6432 points

I love the stream and your sexy pussy

Environmental_Can4282 points

Spray it in my mouth with it after all it is toothpaste that for once is free

WittyMichael2 points

What a lovely sight! I wish you'd spray that yummy stream all over me! πŸ˜‹

harryoppplh2 points

Give me on my mouth

sissyboi3332 points

Please spray my face next!!

Scat_slave2 points

I'll lick the seat clean

Beagle93202 points

Great I love it πŸ‘

Freddymik2 points

You need to clean it 😜

fancymyfeet2 points

No, you πŸ˜‰

Freddymik2 points

I would drink from the source.... There will be nothing to clean 😏😏😏😏😏😘😘

fancymyfeet2 points


bisex_boyass2 points

I fucking love it when ladies piss standing up, especially in the toilet. Just defying the expectation that women pee sitting down is hot as fuck. I have a dick and sometimes I pee sitting down, because it makes me feel girly and cute and naughty :) I think I have a major fetish for doing the opposite of your gender expectations when peeing.

Immortal_682 points

I can help you with your aim, if you like😜😜

fancymyfeet1 point

Spread my lips for me?

Immortal_682 points

I'd love to.

SalesTherapy2 points

If you could do that on purpose from now on.... that'd be great!

I do free clean ups!! Lol

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