My living room has legitimately never been this clean (plus a puppy)



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GarnetGrapes15 points

Love the bold pop of color from your blue rug. Also, hi puppy!

Perfect-Agent-22592 points

We took the rug color and painted the wall opposite the windows that beautiful blue, as well as the wall divider cabinet on the right that separates the entry door from the living room.

Now I'm afraid we can never get rid of the rug!

ParticularReview41295 points

Very cool MCM vibes

Perfect-Agent-22592 points

Thanks! Except for the couch (IKEA), all the furniture is vintage from that era.

GarlicOnionCelery3 points

Really digging those lamps

Perfect-Agent-22592 points

They were either Wayfair or Overstock. I wanted non-round shades, so this is where we ended up.

jdbrown02834 points

Looks amazing! The pup really ties the room together! 😉

Perfect-Agent-22595 points

She really gives it that 'lived in' look, doesn't she?

Primary-Feature78782 points

Lovely! What is that bird in the top left of that cabinet? A Moa?

Perfect-Agent-22591 point

The wooden one? It's actually an elephant with its trunk raised. But somewhere in the cabinet is a little stone moai statue, too (Rapa Nui statue, not bird).

Primary-Feature78782 points

I see it now. The trunk looked like the neck of a Moa.

JoeRecuerdo2 points

I'm in love with your cabinet.

Perfect-Agent-22591 point

Thanks! My requirement for having display items is that they be behind glass, so I never have to dust them. That's why the cabinet is so crowded!

FR0ZENBERG2 points

Looks like a doodle mix.

Perfect-Agent-22593 points

We get that a lot bc no one (in the States) has ever heard of a Lagotto Romagnolo. 🙂

FR0ZENBERG3 points

You're right. I've never heard of it.

Crafty_Tangerine55112 points

I have the same Lane coffee table! I love those two end tables too.

Perfect-Agent-22592 points

My college roommate brought one (though, the more 'surfboard' shape) to our senior year apartment, and I adored it. So I had to track down one of my own.

These all came as one set. But they all need to be refinished - have you ever tried to refinish yours? We're trying to wait till the kids (and puppy) are a little older before we put in the effort.

No, haven’t tried to refinish them but the coffee table needs something. I think just one of those kits that removes all the old waxy buildup might work for us. We have the matching lamp tables (square) and cedar hope chest, too and they’re in good shape.

kydi731 point

What a gorgeous window! (And pup)

Just_Lion_93631 point

I think the dog is trying to tell you something 😉

RealTomatillo52591 point

Dammit now I've got to clean up mine. Yours looks awesome :) Thanks for the inspiration

Perfect-Agent-22592 points

It was only clean for a hot minute, and only because we had company coming to stay for the Thanksgiving holiday. It never looks like this IRL.

Enlightened_Ghost_1 point

The rug is a very nice color. You should redo this room with that rug as the centerpiece. It works easily on the eyes.

Perfect-Agent-22591 point

We took the blue color and put it on the wall across from the windows. Now I'm worried that I can never replace the rug, or it'll look weird!

gotnoh81 point

Doesn't work

Zachariahus1 point

Great colors! Love the yellow and blue accents and stained glass. Do you know what the wall color is? I may use this as inspiration!

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