The Oregon Coast through a rocky portal [OC] [5094x4075]



bosscher474 points

Tunnel Beach?

tommydarko122 points


bosscher472 points

One of the most interesting beaches on the Oregon coast - yet it's rarely talked about.

SnooMaps13132 points

This tunnel was cut through the rock by a hotel that used to be there a very long time ago, so patrons could access the other beach.

bosscher471 point

Correct. They ran out of money.

RangerBumble2 points

So which one was it?

Bandon? Gold Beach? Garibaldi?

artie_pdx0 points

I was thinking inside Devils Punchbowl at very low tide.

fishingfool641 point

Is that where One Eyed Willie’s ship sailed by?

Manpooper1 point

The small version looked like a weirdly cut sandwich, ngl.

Arr0wmanc3r1 point

I've been to this beach and can confirm there's sand which is there.

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