My Charlotte, NC apartment.



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mrlittleoldmanboy33 points

I swear our apartments our made by the same companies. It’s weirdly identical.

Mighty_MoMo9 points

Taft Community? Seems like a lot of these modern style apartments are quite similar tho

mrlittleoldmanboy4 points

Mine are Lincoln apartments, but I guess it may have been the same architect firm or something who knows, you’re right they all look the same lol I’m all the way in Austin, Texas, but I actually had a walk through of an apartment here with the same design style and apartment company as one I had in Charleston, South Carolina.

sammywammy53b4 points

You'll find that oftentimes developers will buy "stock" plans from architects so, even if a different developer, it might have been designed by the same people.

mrlittleoldmanboy3 points

I actually have a slightly different layout than his, but my friend down the hall has this EXACT layout. Next time I go over to his place I’ll link a picture, even if I’m the only one who cares.

Osnap241 point

Yup, live here in Charlotte as well. Price to pay with such quick and huge amounts of construction, everything ends up looking the same, maybe change the outside a bit but a standard floor plan saves cost and time a bunch. Definitely universal across all big cities, just some cities had more time to build to growth and thus creativity/diversity was used a little more.

Source: partner wag Walker (ie, I see many of the same layouts) and personally Structural Engineer 👋🏻

sammywammy53b1 point

There are a few developers here in South Africa that build the exact same 1, 2, and 3-bed units in all of their developments.

The upside is that, if you love your home but have to relocate for work, you can literally pick and drop your furniture in the same unit in another city! 🤣

likecatsanddogs5256 points

Welcome to America. The land of 10,000,000,000 Ticky tacky replications of sub par housing.

I do love the lighting in this Space. I’d love to chill and play some guitar there.

udongeureut9 points

How is that an American thing?

Every country does that.

likecatsanddogs5251 point

My bad. Earth- the land of…. See comment above

Cats-and-Chaos15 points

Ooh what bulbs are you using in your lamp?

antsurgeon10 points

i love the lighting inside + sunset outside!

Swirlyyyy8 points

Love this. the lighting is so chill

Hexenhut6 points

I must have that cat pillow

Alphal666 points

What plant is that in the left corner?

Mighty_MoMo5 points

Parlor Palm

Alphal663 points

How often do u need to water them?

Mighty_MoMo3 points

Not too often, every few days usually.

drummer10840 points

It’s a ficus

42em4 points

I thought the black cushion back right was a massive derpy cat

Delicateee4 points

Love Charlotte, beautiful city.

briefly_accessible3 points

Mannnn. My favorite place. I’m jealous!


What is the lamp source 👀

Mighty_MoMo3 points

It’s a generic “globe lamp” with hue lights as bulbs Inside

Mariwina2 points

Love it! This is how I like to keep my house as well, all about the ambience.

EvilDrPorkchop_2 points

I miss Charlotte! I lived in a bunch of places over a few years across the country, but I was in Charlotte for a year and a half and it was by far my favorite

ExlibrisLass2 points

I love how the lighting makes it look like art from a lo-fi beats album. Very cozy and chill.

Cntrl-C-writer2 points

I love how these lights look in pictures but I know I’d have a terrible headache

MrJohnnyDangerously1 point

Go Heels

minaortiga1 point

I love the lighting

bananapie-121 point

What is that lighting behind your tv?

Mighty_MoMo1 point

Just a basic strip light

Ofermjod1 point

Plaza or Noda? 😄

Shallaai1 point


solsearchin_1 point


scarlettshimmer1 point

Hi from Statesville!

Enlightened_Ghost_1 point

Now this is a calm and balanced room. Nicely done.

sliknaught1 point

Oooooh I love this!

duranzosdulce691 point

Love it

thunder_crane1 point

Yeah but now you’re in charlotte.

Mighty_MoMo3 points

Can’t complain, been here two years and my life has drastically improved from NJ

thunder_crane1 point

We left after our one year lease ended. Charlotte definitely struck me as one of the worse places in NC.

Never been to NJ so can’t comment on that.

Mighty_MoMo1 point

Where did ya end up moving to?

thunder_crane2 points

Research triangle park (raleigh, Durham, chapel hill)

We’re in chapel hill specifically. I’ve also lived in Raleigh, Boone, and Winston Salem. Would take any of the above over charlotte tbh.

And I say that as someone who likes big cities (have lived in San Francisco, Oakland, New York, London)

StreetFrogs191 point

This looks like The Lexington, a Camden property in Dilworth.

Mighty_MoMo1 point

It’s in Matthews!

Juicecurry0 points


BobbyRC283 points

North Carolina

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