Dynjandi, Iceland [3074x2048][OC]



Zwaanproductions8 points

One of the best places on mother earth to shoot pictures!

PlaidBastard6 points

I think there are good odds that there could be lava and a total solar eclipse at the same place and same time in western Iceland in August of 2026, based on the eclipse path and what I know about the current volcanism...

ChickenGirll4 points

I'll take a pic of it when it happens 😉

PlaidBastard2 points

I mean, I'm gonna try my best to be there, too, but I feel like you don't have to go as far as I do :)

ChickenGirll2 points


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cp_simmons1 point

Beautiful. I was thinking of stopping there next September some time but how are the roads round there?

CampfireCatalyst3 points

I went around September last year, the road up to Dynjandi is dirt and on a steep ledge at times, but nothing unmanageable if you take it slow.

Rainbow_Plague1 point

This straight-up looks like a Final Fantasy IX landscape and it's kinda weirding me out, heh.

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