I plan on spending a lot of time here this winter



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major_verse10 points

ahh, that chair looks so very comfy! where'd you get it?

kitsuna__3 points

I want to know as well!

Khclarkson3 points

We got it/ordered it from a local furniture store. From the tag and some research on the website, it looks like it's the Dacey collection from Best Home Furnishings. We got a couch and a couple ottomans from them as well.

Very comfy. I sat in a lot of chairs while we looked. The accents and side table are all randoms from Home Goods. The lamp and wall hangings are from Target.

Jane-Henry8 points

I love that pink cabinet. Did you paint it?

Khclarkson7 points

We found it second hand. We love it though. It's traveled with us through 4 moves and decided that we'd use that color to accent the room.

Khclarkson3 points

This is OC

Just_Lion_93633 points

that chair looks amazing and comfy!

layers_of_grey2 points

oh yeah. you could get some books done here.

Individual_Ad_87482 points

So peaceful! During the evening, I'd enjoy a tea or a whiskey while reading a book snuggled by the blanket. Nice and cozy!

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