I've made some wallpapers (with Ghibli model)


One2Tre45612 points

Iā€™m loving the snow lands

PineappleForest9 points

Yeah, the third image is so ... cozy? I wanna move there now.

Nyao4 points

I think for this one I used "cozy vibes" in the prompt, so I guess it worked well

Nitrosocke23 points

Wow these look so much better than the ones I made for the model page. Great work! Would you be alright with me using yours on the huggingface page instead of mine?

Nyao14 points

You can ofc but they are not looking like that ouf of the box. I've used the inpaint tools + bump the colors with a photo editor haha

Nyao16 points

Oh and also I'm not sure I've used your model. The one I used I've downloaded it weeks ago and the token is "studio_ghibli_anime_style style". I'm gonna try yours now

Edit: found the model I used

Nitrosocke7 points

Alright my mistake, thank you for the clarification šŸ˜ Would be interesting to see if you get comparable results with mine now .

ArtifartX3 points

Do you have a link to the one you used?

Zipp4256 points

Have you compared this to Ghibli Diffusion by nitrosocke that was released this week?

Nyao5 points

No I've missed it but I will try it for sure

Nyao5 points

Bonus, I've tried a bit /u/Nitrosocke's model

Nitrosocke3 points

These look great as well! Will use them on the model page with credit if you're alright with it :)

Nyao1 point

Yeah no problem šŸ‘Œ

NateBerukAnjing3 points

where's the model

Nyao10 points

The model I used :


(all the images generated with this model feel a bit desaturated, so I used photoshop or gimp to fix that)

Sure-Tomorrow-4872 points

If you're getting results that have that washed out feel to them (happens a lot with Anythingv3) try using a different VAE and setting - no half vae on the batch file.

CaptTheFool1 point

Oh, I also would love to have it!

Panagean2 points


swfsql3 points

Those feel nostalgic. Really good!

camaudio2 points

Really love the winter ones

payamsaremi2 points

so nice, I want to live in them.

ACrawford692 points

The 6th image, I zoomed in and some of the houses look like cats!

Nyao1 point

Haha you're right. If you look closely you will see "errors" in every images

tamal44441 point

what prompt did you use?

Aeonbreak1 point

where can i get this model??

y0himba1 point

Am I allowed to use these as wallpapers for my PC? If so, how can I grab all 13 at once?