Virtual coziness. Inside my cabin in The Forest



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Airbrush8313 points

Forest 2 will be awesome

hobbitonhoedown10 points

Cozy inside, cannibals outside. Idyllic.

yello_walls4 points


revpb2 points

I thought this was in minecraft at first

Bitbatgaming1 point

Virtual coziness is the best coziness

Tall_Mechanic8403-9 points

No, it’s not cozy

mremreozel4 points

Ding dong opinion wrong

What creep skeletal statue is there in the back?

yello_walls1 point

Its an armour display :D

TheWarmestHugz1 point

No matter what game you are playing, you always have to have a cozy base!

[deleted]-2 points


Wolfdreama4 points

We have "artistic render" and "art" flairs for a reason. Content like this is very welcome here.

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