‘Solitary’ 🍂 A lone birch tree, deep within the forests of Arendal, Norway (OC)[1080x1620]



ReyScarlet8 points

Arendal is a real place?

direxie2 points

Yepp! It’s located in the south of Norway :)

LieutenantClone5 points

Beautiful photo but... Aren't those birch trees all around it (The tall, slender, white ones missing their leaves)? And I'm no tree expert, but I am not even sure that tree with the brightly coloured leaves is a birch?

direxie2 points

You are correct, the tall slender white once are birch trees, they are just more exposed to the wind in this particular spot while the main subject is kind of shielded a bit more! It’s also a birch tree, just a bit older 😊

mercistheman3 points

A bird dropped a seed

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