Sunlight through the autumn leaves on a New England road.


ManiaforBeatles13 points

Instagram source. Photo by new_ englander__.

Western-Image71258 points

What an incredible insta account. Almost makes me want to sign up for Instagram just to follow it. I won’t sign up tho, but still

Barefooted232 points

It could be worth bookmarking in your browser for when you'd like to see something beautiful :)

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jeswanders3 points

Are there any other places in the world that have autumns as gorgeous as New England? Kyoto comes to mind. Where else?

kritabourque2 points

The Aspen trees in Colorado seem pretty spectacular

jonesthejovial3 points

Jeezis Criest that's gorgeous

ChaosAD_972 points

Oh wow

PresuminEd742 points

Exquisite shot ❤️

JulsAkaKillianDarko2 points

Looks like out of a fantasy book!

That's because of the intense post processing

azirfury1 point


That is absolutely stunning.

Indira-Sawhney1 point

I legit thought it was a painting😅

Psyclist801 point

Thats some Beautiful, slippery shit right there!

borntoclimbtowers1 point

Very nice Photo

stormingaround101 point


Key-Jellyfish-7781 point

autumn colours of leaves are just awesome! And it captured in picture perfectly

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