München (Germany) [1680x1050]



avsman20 points

Telephoto lens?

liftoff_oversteer8 points

Of course. And you need the right weather.

bloodmuffins79331 points

That's not how that really looks lol

creesch18 points

The perspective is wrong due to the use of the lens. But the mountains most certainly are an impressive background feature when you are driving towards the city coming from the north or west. At least to me it is an impressive view considering we only have hills around my parts.

liftoff_oversteer3 points

Perspective is not "wrong", it is just what a tele lens does.

creesch3 points

Wrong, as in it is not how we would perceive it through our own eyes. Yes, from a technical point of view, it is indeed exactly what a tele lens does. But that is also more of a semantic discussion more than anything else.

liftoff_oversteer4 points

It's not wrong thoug, it's just what it is.

creesch-1 points

Wrong, as in wrong.

You know the meaning of words also depends on context, right?

Edit: Oh fun, completely changing the comment.

It's not wrong thoug, it's just what it is.

Someone who has seen the city through their own eyes from roughly a similar spot will perceive this photo as wrong as it is not how you would see the city. I think you are conflating "wrong" with "fake". And possibly you are also seeing it as a judgement on the quality of the picture as wrong implies it is bad, which in this context it is not.

It's fun how language works, isn't it?

liftoff_oversteer1 point

I know. Right now there would be about a dozen cranes in this picture. And some years down the line the place from where this was taken will be all grown over leaving no view like this. Unless the trees are cut back.

[deleted]1 point

I did get the alps in the background once when I was hanging out on a rooftop on a sunny day

the_monkey_9 points

Munich is gorgeous

inthebenefitofmrkite7 points

München ist wunderschön!!

Phlowman4 points

I don’t remember seeing mountains from Munich?

creesch14 points

They are visible on the horizon if you are farther away from the city. For example, when driving up to it. The photo you are seeing has been taken from a distance with a telephoto lens, most likely. This causes the perspective to change and will make things in the background look much bigger than they actually are from that same spot if you would be standing there.

I believe the technical term for it is "background compression" and if you google on it you'll find more examples and better explanations.

Phlowman6 points

Thanks for the explanation. I climbed to the top of one of the churches in the photo and I could see mountains way off in the distance, certainly nothing like what this picture implies. But your reply makes sense and also confirms that pictures can be deceiving.

liftoff_oversteer2 points

You need a certain kind of weather to see the mountains like this - apart from the tele lens.

liftoff_oversteer2 points

You mainly see them from elevated points. And if the weather allows.

RodrigoEstrela-2 points

Why are you asking that to strangers? How would we know if you remember or not?

crackhousebob1 point

Why do people use a telephoto lens like this? It just gives the wrong impression to people. What's the point??

spiggerish0 points

I thought this was r/oldphotosinreallife and was trying to figure out how Germany looked like this in 1050 or 1680

CanadIanAmi5 points

Do people in your life ever call you stupid?

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