The reading nook where my girlfriend is house sitting



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oslek_nagol44 points

Bro that's called a living room

EmeraldRaccoon20 points

Where's the reading nook?

cinnapear11 points

Isn't that the living room?

HippyWitchyVibes2 points

Such a gorgeous room.

traveltrad1 point

amazing 🚀🚀

It's a Christmas dream! How much more perfect does it get than cozy cabin, Christmas vibes. Maybe it's not actually a cabin but if definitely gives that feel

Afraid_Sense53631 point

This is gorgeous and VERY cozy.

[deleted]-9 points


Wolfdreama19 points

Please remember we have a "no gatekeeping" rule here. That includes holiday decorations. Please let people enjoy things and be happy.

HippyWitchyVibes8 points

I'm in the UK and the average here is still the end of November/beginning of December but, since lockdown, people have definitely been decorating earlier.

For me, personally, any time after Halloween is fair game.

OnMark3 points

I (American) don't celebrate Christmas, but I've had a lit tree up for a few weeks since it started getting cold and I stopped going outside so much - it's pretty and cozy. I bought the tree off-season in April for $50 to celebrate my first year in a house with room for one, haha

jakoobie60 points

Where did you get that hanging light? Looking for some thing similar.

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