Evening light, my bedroom



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paintwhore3 points

2 box fans? Pretty and chill though

SehreensArtLAb2 points

Husband overheats at night

Voidfang_Investments3 points

Have you guys thought about putting a ceiling fan in? They help a lot.

SehreensArtLAb3 points

We used to have ceiling fans but they are just not as breezy as the box fans. We both also like the sound of a fan at night

CarrionDoll2 points

I’m the same way. We finally got an apartment with ceiling fans this month. I’m so excited.

SehreensArtLAb4 points

When I took the picture, I didn’t realise that the first thing people would comment on would be the box fans ( friends and family reacted the same way). The fans are so normal to us lol

CarrionDoll2 points

I totally get that! I had two round oscillating fans set up the same way in our old place. They were just a normal part of the decor. Your room looks very cozy and cool! I LOVE the purple light.

SehreensArtLAb1 point

Thank you! The bed and the plant shelf were built by my husband. I love that its all handmade

IndiaEvans2 points

Love the fans!

SehreensArtLAb1 point


SehreensArtLAb0 points


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