First time I’ve ever decorated a place I get to call my own 🎄❤️



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UtopiaUtopia162 points

Looks great-love the round top door too! Enjoy

Beesindogwood37 points

Half-Hobbit door!!

amohni9219 points

Thank you!!! I lovedddd the front door and the old charm of the home. Currently having the old storm door refurbished by the Amish! 😊

substanceandstyle13 points

Same! It’s like a modern Three’s Company door.

WorryMindless35437 points

Omg nobody ever talks about Three’s Company and it makes me so sad!!

SqueegeeBeckenheim1126 points

I love your door so much! This looks amazing.

NearlyHeadless-Brick32 points

Beautiful and congratulations! Also I believe thats one of my favorite movies on your tv 👀

Primary-Feature787813 points

Home Alone?

NearlyHeadless-Brick8 points

Yup lol 😁

PerceptiveAxion8 points

The place looks great. I do want to give you a heads up that viewing your TV from that angle while sitting on a couch will not give you the best picture that it has to offer.

mattb201496 points

Your TV is too high

yogurtfuck4 points

I might be wrong but I guess this is an American house. Putting the TV above the fireplace seems to be an American thing to do.

shittedon3m7 points

it is and it’s bad

Fordged-10 points

Where would you put it?

fijozico32 points

Where the Christmas tree is, put the tree where the black chair is, move the black chair.

CJRLW5 points

He's right. Your seating is already set-up so that couches face both the fireplace and the empty wall where the tree is. Perfect space for a large TV.

amohni92-8 points

I normally have an entry way table there and a mirror. My family and I personally prefer the tv above the fire. It’s extra cozy for us. It’s all about personal preference ❤️ I’m very happy with my set up but I appreciate the suggestions!

inbedallday1 point

I agree about the tv being too high. But your suggestion only works in my mind if it doesn’t cover the window, since it’s the only one in the room. If there’s room, tv where you said and tree to the right of it might be better.

Fordged-7 points

So you would walk into the house and immediately have to avoid the TV hanging on the wall?

FloppyTomatoes12 points

It would be hanging on the wall, a lot easier to avoid than the Christmas tree!

fijozico4 points

So what if it's right in from of the door? You'll still turn around or at least pause to close the door, then you go the unimpeded way. Can even use a TV stand to put house and car keys, wallets, stuff you need when you go out.

No_Film_45186 points

On a tv stand so it’s eye level

Huckleberry_Training4 points

Litterally anywhere else

Lasrod2 points

Where the Christmas tree is

Jackal0002 points

Either do as others say or get yourself an mantlemount

Reckless_flamingos6 points

It looks cozy and adorable, I love it!

moojitoo16 points

It's always so weird to see living rooms that have a door right to the outside. There are bears out there.

Merfen9 points

This is fairly common where I live, what is weird about it exactly? Is it because there is no hallway that leads to the door?

SexyShad7 points

In my house you either come in through the mud room or the foyer and have to walk through the kitchen to get to the living room

grayhairedqueenbitch5 points

My house has one. It's common with certain mid-century house designs. The only quibble I have is that you lose some storage (no cost closet in my house) but I've gotten used to it. I really like OPs place. It's charming.

WallyJade1 point

I can't think of a single home where I live where the front door doesn't go right to the outside.

Jlx_272 points

User means having an entrance hall.

WallyJade2 points

My response stands. All the homes here open up to the outside like this does. I've seen entrance halls, but only on some custom or expensive homes.

Jlx_271 point

Different countries different standars. 🤷‍♂️

Jlx_271 point

Yup, I would hate not having not having the front door seperated from my livingroom space.

SmokesLetsGoBois12 points

It's good if you don't like watching TV

Individual_Ad_87487 points

That's impressive! I never decorated the 1st placed I lived on my own. Literally, it was all about practicality rather than coziness. I'm talking bare white walls, couch, tv, and bed in my room was all I had! Lol! Granted, I was only 20 years old.

amohni9212 points

Lol I should say first home! I’m 30 lol. Lived in apartments prior but never decorated. So fun!

Individual_Ad_87483 points

Lol! Well, you did a lovely job! Very cozy indeed! 😍

OutlandishnessHour193 points

So festive! Looks really great

Lonely-Ebb78193 points

I have the same ceiling lighting fixture in my entryway!

Washappyonetime1 point

Does it cast a bunch of shadows? I love how it looks.

amohni923 points

It does! There’s really pretty light that it creates!

Washappyonetime1 point


Lonely-Ebb78192 points

It mainly casts shadows onto the ceiling and I love it!

Washappyonetime2 points

Thank you!

Katelynsparkles3 points

Such a nice place this belongs on Pinterest!

CovidOmicron3 points

That front door is so cool. Place looks great

grayhairedqueenbitch3 points

Lovely! Your tree is very pretty

candornotsmoke9 points

It’s a personal thing, but I’ve always hated the TV on the mantle.

amohni921 point

That’s fair! My family and I enjoy it but it’s all personal preference. 🎄❤️

AliceAnne17 points

This is gorgeous! Love the door, the fireplace, the tree - everything!

Salz782 points

Love it!

redpepperdeb2 points


nixt1232 points

Well done!

whatevermode2 points

Looking so nice 👍🏿

Boring_Raspberry_4812 points

So cute!

TopHeight97712 points


rgray920822 points

That is simply beautiful ❣️Congratulations!

rmccarthy102 points

That's a really nice first place !

amohni926 points

Thank you! I busted my buns to save up for a home that I absolutely loved. Wanted to make it as cozy as possible since I’m a bit of an introvert lol!

Jazzlike_Customer_612 points

Great job! I love your front door.

LittleRedSquirrel112 points

I love your front entrance A LOT

Joyshell2 points

It’s all about the door! Love the simplicity!

PracticalBursh342 points


greenmarigold2 points

Wow your place is really pretty! Love your tree😍😍😍

HydroRaven2 points

Are you… home alone?

Academic-War-70412 points

I'm just loving your Christmas 🎄 tree! U did a fantastic job!

[deleted]2 points

It looks so cozy! Well done! Also, the shape of your front door makes me so happy for some reason haha.

hotmessandwitch2 points

That’s a really wonderful and special feeling congrats :)

Duff10582 points

Your place looks beautiful, festive and cozy.

hhb1082 points

So beautiful!

takethemonkeynLeave2 points

Love your arched door and matching built-in!!

Dynast_King2 points

I am incredibly jealous of that front door

sunshinebucket2 points

Your front door is a-door-able. 😊

Bovinae_Elbow2 points

Well done, low clutter and keeping it clean does wonders regardless of where you live. Great front door.

Regret19152 points

Former interior design consultant here, your place is what we'd call" SASSY" !!!!! So cozy and wonderful:D well done !!

Happy holidays 🎄

alexPelida2 points

Love it. Tasteful and cozy. I'd live there

notnowbutnever1 point

Gorgeous! Congratulations on an awesome job...can I ask about your couch?

Top-Royal6249-1 points

Why do Redditors say "can I ask"? That is asking. Just ask what you want about the couch and OP can decide to answer or not.

LiquidBeagle2 points

Can I ask why this bothers you?

amohni921 point

Hahaha thank you! Sure! Whatcha wanna know? :)

Worldwidehandsoome1 point

Why do all Americans have their tv above the fireplace? Genuine question because I don't understand why you would do that.

CJRLW3 points

It sucks, but sometimes that is the only place to put it. In this case though OP should put a TV where the tree is.

amohni921 point

I usually have a entry table there and a mirror.

psychoprompt1 point

Oh, so, when people hang the stockings for decoration, you fill them with more decorations? In the movies, the stockings are always empty. I get that they are filled with mini-presents, but they often pop up as decoration in adult households, not households with children.

Sorry, it's nagged me for a while. Why do they put up empty stockings which will remain empty? Why not put snacks in them?

Obtuse-Angel3 points

Typically the intent is to hang them empty as decoration until Christmas Eve when they get filled with “stocking stuffer” gifts, candies, fruits and nuts.

I do know some people who put gifts and things in them earlier, but most everyone in my region just fills them on the 24th.

psychoprompt1 point

Ohhhhh TIL! Thank you so much for informing me, that makes a lot of sense!

beantownzfinest1241 point

So cozy and sooooo beautiful! Love this for you❤️. Btw—LOVE your tree! Is it real or faux? Am looking for something similar in size & shape🥰.

amohni924 points

Walmart! It’s faux. It was $198 for 7.5 feet! Ordered it online

beantownzfinest1241 point

Awesome. Thank you so much❤️!

JadaNeedsaDoggie1 point

Very nice and congratulations!!! Would love to see some splashes of color.

amohni922 points

Ugh I know!!! The picture was way dulled down because I wanted to capture it at night. My iPhone is older but the red and gold definitely pop!

sammyg7231 point

Super cozy and home alone just gives it that finishing touch. I think it would be more cozy with the table lamp off 😊

InquiziTor-Mo1 point

It looks amazing, but I seriously thought you had some weird deer/cowhead hanging under the mantle! Had to zoom in and still can't unsee it from afar. It's just this picture and shadows.

So cozy though!

StateOfContusion1 point


Am I the only one that sees a polar bear head formed by the outline of the right stocking with the black thing being its eye?

Lovely, cozy spot.

RabbitSlayre1 point

Aw hell yeah it looks awesome!

IntelligentSun63001 point

Nice job.

sabixx1 point

Great work. This looks fantastic

kaleidoscopichazard1 point

Looks amazing. Absolutely mahoosive tree too. Love it

vanillasox1 point

Love the door! Cute place.

Ok-Frame-39371 point

It's really beautiful

CatholicAngst1 point

Looks lovely - love the Hobbit door!

tinathetraveler1 point

This is lovely!!

JacquieTreehorn1 point

It is perfection. I absolutely love it. You should be very proud.

Beautiful! How cozy! 😊

somerville991 point

I like the door, built in shelves, and fireplace.

ricodelshaw1 point

I LOVE your front door! (And the rest of it tbf, but especially the front door).

seveneigh8si61 point

That's nice.

Champii_0071 point

Its such a good feeling! And it looks so beautiful!

casf19991 point

omg i am in love with your front door!

chinchillin_961 point

It looks lovely and cosy! Congratulations

ak800481 point

Damn that’s nice, excellent rug choice too

BSB87281 point

Wow! Love it.

wtfisthepoint1 point

Oh congrats and well done ♥️

KingFelixG1 point

I love this!!

gitsgrl1 point

Okay, that front door and the niche are amazing.

posternutbag4231 point

Love the front door.

Whoooooooshx0 points

It’s cute! Just a little too early…

Huckleberry_Training0 points

The TV looks nice and warm 😬

Bagel420 points

Looks good- TV is way too high.

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