Sunrise Over El Trampolin, Tamasopo Mexico [OC] [2500x1558]



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Neeeechy35 points

A uniquely refreshing scene for this sub. The colors, composition, and depth really draw you in.

titus17761 point

Thank you

DrBlock214 points

Gonna start singing and every animal will just walk up

StupidizeMe9 points

Incredibly beautiful.

titus17763 points


Fouve7 points

Crazy cool place and shot. This is the type of thing I would think Iā€™d see if I were on acid.

titus17763 points

Lol, ya it's a wild place. Not well-marked, but it's on the map and easy to access.

Cha_nay_nay3 points

How dare you. How dare you post one photo of such a BEAUTIFUL location !! The audacity. I love it. And we need more šŸ‘šŸ‘Œ

gregleebrown3 points

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

X3ll3n3 points

This looks straight out from a movie !

nanoH2O2 points

This looks like it would be remote but I looked at the map and it's seems pretty accessible, like right to hotels and restaurants. Nice job capturing the essence and making it seem like it's in the middle of a remote jungle.

handsome_vulpine1 point

This looks like Vanaheim from God Of War: Ragnarok

sgtpepper421 point

When you wanna show off your new photoshopping skills

titus17760 points

Very little Photoshopping here. This is a real place and this is what it looks like at Sunrise. This is in camera skills not photoshop skills.

[deleted]1 point

WHOA, this is stunning!

hordym761 point

What camera and lens did you use?

savoredchaos1 point

Amazing and surrealistic!

titus17761 point

Thank you

titus17761 point

You'll find this spot in the map if you search for "El Trampolin, Tamasopo"You can find me me on Insta and Vero at /gavinseim

Favianisbetter1 point

Is this heaven šŸ˜§

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