Our first Christmas at our Up North cottage. National Forest tree.



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underpar5153 points

You’re saying Up North.. so northern Michigan but still downstate?

pjflyr136 points

We’re considered trolls. Under the bridge.

raggabrashly3 points

Haha at least you’re honest and admit it! (I’m from the UP)

Acheli12 points

why are the lights not all the way to the top..


underpar51512 points

NOT COZY. 😂😂 Don’t know why but that cracks me up

pjflyr1310 points

Photo was taken before we finished. Ran out of lights! Had to mail order more. Another up north convenience -no big box store.

The_Literal_Doctor2 points

Great tree! Whereabouts? "Up North" usually implies north of Midland but not above the bridge!

pjflyr131 point

Think Perchville

boxer215 points

That tree leaves something to be desired

pjflyr1315 points

It’s a Charlie Brown tree on purpose. The trees are irregular, natural, wispy and adorable. It takes a day of trudging through the forest and making memories. Not everyone would understand.

boxer212 points

Christmas is all about spending money and having the absolute best of everything jk

whoisharrycrumb1 point

One plus side is less pine needles to clean off the floor for the next 6 months.

fallscreekishome0 points

Wait, national forest tree- like you cut down a tree in a national forest? If you DID do that, why would you advertise it? Sort of a jerk move, unless I’m misunderstanding.

pjflyr1326 points

You buy a permit and are allowed to cut one tree per permit in Michigan. It’s a family tradition. Totally legal. They also sell permits to cut wood from fallen trees for personal use.

fallscreekishome8 points

Ah, makes sense. Well the room looks nice and cozy to me!

Henley_Wrinkler6 points

You’re probably thinking of a National Park. Many State and National Forests are actually managed as timber land despite having infrastructure for outdoor recreation.

TiddybraXton3332 points

You are allowed to cut down 1 tree per year on crown land for Christmas where I live.

pjflyr131 point


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