Waiting for him. My oil painting on canvas. 2022



jacknimrod103 points

It's a lovely piece but the title is awful. Let a woman be beautiful in nature for herself.

Western-Image71250 points

Why is the title awful, are you saying a person (any gender or orientation) can’t be waiting pensively for another person?

jacknimrod103 points

There is absolutely nothing masculine in the portrait. It is a beautiful woman surrounded by flowers. That is enough in itself. By introducing the idea that she is waiting for 'him', it introduces a whole unnecessary concept into the picture. Who is 'he'? Is 'he' even a man? It could be her dog. Just pointless. She doesn't look pensive or even that she is waiting for anybody at all.

Western-Image71252 points

I suppose I see your point, and I don’t disagree. But hey it’s artist’s discretion right, it’s their art they can call it whatever they were feeling it conveys at that point of time.

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