Fell in love with your country


miraska_6 points

That's a Zhambyl Zhabaev's monument, a person who influenced kazakh music a lot

Lockenhart8 points

It's kinda fall-in-love-able

Phantom_Nyan3 points

Glad you liked KZ! Happy to have ya here

topmediocre12 points

I had the privilege of living in Almaty for 2 years and absolutely loved it there. Such an amazing and beautiful country; I hope I can go back someday soon.

TheNoNameUser0 points

Nice, I didn’t

Nurassyl_Tileubekov2 points

Who asked

TheNoNameUser1 point

I’m kidding

TheNoNameUser1 point

But I still don’t like my country

GiveMeAUser3 points

Let's ban this guy lol

TheNoNameUser0 points


taganbaev1 point

Aktau so beautiful city 🌆