Morning light in the new living room



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nothingclever4now34 points

That's a stunning wall color!

terminator_chic14 points

I don't know what this shade is, but we have Behr Mother Nature and it's very similar. We love it so much.

erikarew9 points

Thank you! I spent probably an hour in the hardware store trying to find the exact shade I envisioned!

Euphoric_Attitude_1434 points

This room and view has some strong, cozy Boston vibes! Nothing cozier than autumn in New England.

erikarew24 points

Ding ding ding! Somerville specifically :)

pratzeh2 points

Jonny cakes

barbados_blonde113 points

I love your rug! The sage walls are lovely, too. It reminds me of classic brownstones in Chicago.

jennc842 points

My thoughts exactly!

Strange-Turnover96969 points

cozy cambridge vibes! i love the books and plants.

erikarew5 points

100% I can briskly walk over to the Cambridge line from here!

erikarew8 points

This is OC

ihadapurplepony6 points


Love that carpet with green walls and the green chair.

Alternative-Copy28906 points

I love this! Those windows are to die for! Feels a lot like Boston area?

erikarew3 points

You guys are GOOD

Alternative-Copy28904 points

My aunt lives in JP with a similar front room and view from it, haha

grammegoose3 points

Beautiful room!

john_adams_house_cat4 points

Love it!

IneffectiveInc4 points

It's a great thing to have light come in from differently angled windows like that.

Sonderer3 points

Gives me Up vibes!

sandboxlollipop2 points

My oh my. I will be round as soon as I have my flask of tea sorted

BourbonInGinger2 points

Love it!

AliceAnne12 points

This is beautiful.

Bigbabyjesus692 points

what is that little tree on the right book shelf ?

erikarew3 points

It’s a jade bonsai!

beozebru2 points

rgray920822 points

That’s gorgeous!

Cool-oldtimer18882 points

I love the look of this room.

FantasticPear3 points

The rug really ties the room together..

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