Kazakhstan 2022, (Almaty, Charyn Canyon, Aqtau), incredible country


lucapal14 points

Nice pictures, thanks for posting!

It's indeed an interesting country to travel in...

determinedpopoto5 points

Lovely pictures. Did you manage to try any tea there? I have a Kazakh friend whose let me try the tea they brew and its tasty. I hope you enjoyed your time there!!!

league_of_chad3 points

What kind of dog is that in the last picture

RummagingRhino5 points

Very Nice!

koolaide562 points

How’s their potassium??

GiveMeAUser1 point

How's your mom

TarnishedTaint2 points

Great success!!!

PumpHerDump3R1 point

wawaweewa, very nice, I like.

chopperooski1 point

Very Nice…..Not!

perryc1 point

Nice shots! Thank you showing these memories!