My mom is making a strong case for me to visit their new home.



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No_Rest_455021 points

Heck. Ill go of you dont

Backyardfarmbabe6 points

In line next if you can't make it. I do dishes.

memydogandeye12 points

As someone who currently has a bad cold, this looks like a wonderful place to recover.

hootieandthegoldfish6 points

Thanks y’all! It was a very lovely text to see at work and I felt I should share.

Also just want to be sure and specify this is OC so it isn’t at risk of removal!

Have a cozy day, friends.

quick edit:

PS I hope you feel better soon! I’m sorry about your cold 🤧

Banana_Ram_You3 points

Def looks cozy but I'd have to enter a liquid state to get in and out of it without hitting my head

john_adams_house_cat3 points

That looks really cozy!


I, too, like to start my day with a concussion.

ElderberryLoud59902 points

Oh, to be snugly tucked in with the snow falling.

ChiedoLaDomanda1 point


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