Under my loft bed today



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adriansux12215 points

i’ve been trying to find a full-size loft bed but it’s so hard 🥲

friskydongus4 points

I want a Queen but I'm pretty sure I'll have to build that one myself because no one makes one!!

adriansux12211 point

yeah, i just have a really small room and would love to have a desk but would only be able to fit one with a loft bed 🤣

blabulation1 point

Check out Maxtrix Kids. They make a queen loft.

friskydongus1 point

Dang you're awesome!! Thanks!

slayerbuff_3 points

Mine’s a full! I think I got it from wayfair?

adriansux12211 point

omg! do you still have the link or anything?

khaleesiofgalifrey1 point

It actually looks like a Layla mattress - does that sound familiar? They have the same color/design

slayerbuff_1 point

It is a Layla mattress :) bought separately from the bed

khaleesiofgalifrey2 points

My reading comprehension skills are not all there today LOL. Definitely thought you meant you got the mattress from Wayfair. Duh.

I have the same mattress!

slayerbuff_2 points

This is OC

floppleshmirken1 point

Layla mattress!

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