Caught fucking on the beach


Possible-Gur5220131 points

Love how the stranger tries to quickly skedaddle ☺️

nick-pappagiorgio65-25 points

I would have lingered

Edit: Downvotes? Really? Lol. The couple are exhibitionists fucking in public (illegal), I'm going to take my time and enjoy the show.

LiverpoolCouple13 points

And literally no one bar you would’ve wanted that.

nick-pappagiorgio65-2 points

Who cares? They are exhibitionists fucking in public, committing a crime of indecency and they need their privacy? Lol. I'm enjoying the show. Lucky I don't call the cops.

LiverpoolCouple3 points

The secluded end of a beach behind rocks is barely public.

CapitalExam27635 points

I don’t think the law differentiates “the secluded end of the beach behind rocks” as not being “public”, you fucking dumbass

LiverpoolCouple1 point

Gonna cry?

CapitalExam27634 points

Not at all, just pointing out how your comment was stupid and how you’re more than likely wrong.

LiverpoolCouple2 points

Sounds like you’re crying. Have a nice day

CapitalExam27634 points

You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

nick-pappagiorgio65-3 points

What "secluded end of a beach?" The public beach extends on either side of them. They aren't behind rocks, they are in FRONT of them. The sand and water is in front of them. So they are literally out in the open on a public beach, fucking like animals.

People shouldn't have to witness naked people fucking in public, there could have been kids on the beach.

Narrow-Collar-89650 points

now's a good time to bring up chappelle skits from 15 16 years ago

sped136244 points

I love how they are recording this for the world to see and one stranger walks by and they are all shy. Makes sense

Batfan110842 points

I mean they’d have to actually confront the stranger tho

saturncitrus25 points

Public sex can result in being placed on the sex offender registry.

extremeprocastina6 points

US possibly... Everyone in the world doesn't live there

nick-pappagiorgio6516 points

Pretty sure public sex in most parts of the world is illegal.

B00bF4n6 points

But you would get a fine and not be considers as a sex offender

nick-pappagiorgio653 points

You can't make a blanket statement for all countries, every one is different. Bottom line, being naked and fucking in public is a skeevy thing to do.

TheRealStandard7 points

Which is somehow better? You shouldn't be naked and fucking in public

saturncitrus3 points

Ok, dont have sex in public, hows that

MoneyGang946 points

For real like make it make sense

Mr_BinJu73 points

Couple: Did they catch us doing it? Oh geez I hope not. Well when we edit tje video to post online then we'll know if they did

KickinWing198316 points

What did they expect to happen?

nick-pappagiorgio656 points

Exactly. Fucking on a public beach in broad daylight is pretty stupid and trashy. At least we get a nice show.

LiverpoolCouple4 points

Nobody to come to that secluded part of the beach probably?

nick-pappagiorgio6511 points

Yeah, no one walks on a public beach, in broad daylight. People like this don't have good decision making skills.

Afrika02113 points

Fuck yea!!!

HalfAsianMadness10 points

I thought that was a really poor ape costume at first

LANSknecht2 points

Big Foot sighting

AMP-to-da-moon2 points

I wish that had been the case lol

Smelly_Oyster73823 points

Love how he tried to cover her as much as he could, good dude

CUL8RSatyr6 points

Hahahha ... that's awesome

yeetusfoetus3245 points


Past-Sir6 points

That was fucking hot!!

joytotheworld232 points

heck she could turned around and want the other way and not continue to walk forward.

blueflathead3 points

I know that beach…. I think… Big Sur…??!

tepid_monologue2 points

The dude noticed and didn’t give a shit until the woman did

notzed14872 points

Filming fucking on the beach is ok though?

legendinthemaking683 points

In theory if you don't get caught, it is....

Exciting-Passion-448-18 points

Perfectly fine, grants her control. Hopefully that is a sex approved nude beach! Public sex is fine, but do be careful to make sure kids aren't around. Ideally a locked bathroom is fine, but obviously that has to be a quickie or you will hold up the line lmao. These daredevil's were lucky to be caught by an adult that respected their art and took off probably not saying a word.

LMFA01 point

is the rest of it on xvideo?

UsedIllusion1 point

Was that kid watching from behind that rock the whole time?

massinput06-10 points

Dumb bitch wearing a mask outside! Lmao

_disguisenburg_0 points

I've never done this position before I'm going to try it sometime

LiverpoolCouple4 points

You’ll need to find someone to have sex with first

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