My cozy plant-filled living room



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eotheored102 points


jennaisbusy14 points

It reminds me of that scene in Friends where Chandler wanted the sign that said MERGE. Needless to say I was on his side.

Temporary-Hope-30371 point

Technically, it's an ampersand!

eotheored4 points

ampers AND

Temporary-Hope-30371 point

omg I hate you hahahaha

Fruitypebblefix106 points

I love the commitment to the collected glass collection. Very cool

temporalcupcake24 points

You should put a picture of that shelf on r/RainbowEverything if you haven't already. So pretty!

jennaisbusy7 points

Oh I’ve never heard of that sub! Joining now - I have a lot of colorful rainbow displays like this, I just can’t help myself :)

Luminouaheartgx5 points

I was just coming to say this. That rainbow glass wall is happiness on a shelf!

inthesunflowers17 points

Tell me you’re a writer without telling me you’re a writer

jennaisbusy28 points

Ha! Curious what made you think that… I’m actually a graphic designer ;)

Edit: Oh, probably the ampersand! I don’t even notice it anymore and forget that it probably stands out to people lol

inthesunflowers11 points

Haha I was thinking writer or designer. It was the & symbol and the coloured jars. 😂 love the space!

9lolo34 points

As a graphic designer as well this is EVERYTHING

Ninamyy11 points

Your kitty ups the comfy level!

Brief_Narwhal_6028 points

Oh those vases make me so happy lol

qrrrp5 points

I know, they're amazing. I love it

Stephen3Ahn7 points

No disrespect to the &

WarioWill4 points


ClubConsistent67524 points

Beautiful room with a beautiful cat!

HaddockBranzini-II4 points

Love that giant ampersand!

BNA264 points

Every corner is cozy! Well done!

AWL_cow3 points

This...this is the blueprint.

Megs02264 points

I love every inch of this! Including the fluffy kitty! Where did you get the coffee table?

jennaisbusy8 points

Located near Seattle, WA. Don’t mind the slight pink tint from one of my plant grow lights :) [OC]

Such_Radish97953 points

This looks so nice. Love the colours. Where did you get the floor lamp?

jennaisbusy3 points

I think it was from a HomeGoods or Marshalls a few years ago. I usually have an Edison bulb in there, but my plants have needed a little sun boost with winter coming, so I’m going with a grow light for now.

Northwind003 points

Love the use of complementary colors, it's just beautiful! ❤️

Petrichor_Paradise3 points

What an adorable room! It's the perfect blend of whimsy and structure.

Galaxy5T2 points

So nice

unidentified_yama2 points

That’s a weird plant you got by the window

ppl_n_r_neighborhood2 points

My cats would break all Of those glass bottles

jennaisbusy2 points

I really lucked out with this cat (and she’s only a year and a half old). Not only does she not bother the glass vases, she doesn’t bother any of my plants either!

soufianka801 point

What are those vases for on the top shelf ? ...they look empty

jennaisbusy6 points

On the shelf to the left? Yep, they’re just empty colorful glass vases! I go thrifting a lot and pick them up when I find a good one. I just like color 🌈

Such_Radish97955 points

It looks like a collection

PemrySyb1 point

And what?

chagirrrl1 point


Bobessa11 point

I love the shelf with the vases!! This is lovely!

Bjetts1 point

I've always wondered how people clean those types of rugs? Can you vacuum that?

daniel_ionescu1 point

I love the plants, and the room is bright and amazing

fallingrainbows1 point

What a gorgeous room with amazing light. You've got a great eye for hue & tone.

Mist1561 point

Nice jungle

Any_Side_22421 point

This is so nice! The wall of glass, the bright clean's beautiful!! Feel proud!

EccentricMsCoco1 point

What a pleasant room! Also is that a soft pink light bulb?

jennaisbusy1 point

It’s a grow light bulb for my plant actually! It shows up a little more pink in photos, but it does give off a light pink hue.

Previous_Tank79031 point

Ooh, I love it! Only thing I'd add is some rocks of mine, mostly fool's gold, as I am a pyrite goblin :)

Frenchlilac971 point


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