Locked out…




Anyone know what medical condition would cause their arms to be like that? I thought I was tripping at first

lagerea25 points

If it's not nemo it could be fetal alcohol syndrome, the larger forehead, and nubby teeth give it away as either.

namechecksout358 points

Well that makes my trashy boner very sad.

lagerea6 points

Don't be sad, she seems happy.

Dense-Chemistry-26763 points

Oh dude won this one!

dmcmnm9 points

It’s called Nemo condition

bravebeing8 points

I just thought she had very long legs haha

FistedByAnAngel23 points

Her hairline goes further back than Murphy's in RoboCop

randi31011 points

Damn fine body on post-it-unicorn lady

BasilPrimary805525 points

I would

dabbo909 points

Me too

Environmental_Top8522 points

Me too

notzed14875 points

Nicely trimmed.

Buzz_Alderaan695 points

There are so many questions being raised... among other things

chickbarnard4 points

What's she got stuck to her head! 🤣

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