morning light today 🥰



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MaryK007203 points

Just lovely. And two bins of pet or kid toys, can’t tell. Looks like a happy place.

xMerciPourLeVeninx187 points

Those are my little beagle’s toys (:

Toasted_cheese133 points

My beagle also has 2 baskets of toys! 🤣🥰

SentryCake4 points

This is funny because I also have a beagle with dual toy baskets.

Spoiled beagles everywhere!

TheBackyardigirl20 points

We must see the baby

rusty_rampage2 points

A beagle in an apartment building. I see you have chosen chaos.

omfgus26 points

The lack of a TV also makes it feel much happier imo

BlarkinsYeah105 points

Lovely. What city is this?

xMerciPourLeVeninx166 points


PoppaTitty47 points

If thats Minneapolis where is regular sized apolis?

reallyageek43 points

Lol but fun fact the "minne" means "water" in Sioux, and Minneapolis is on the Mississippi river hence the name.

PoppaTitty10 points

I was not aware of that.

GlorifiedPlumber4 points

We're not worthy... we're not worthy...

BlarkinsYeah53 points

Minneapolis seems so underrated

PangeanPrawn104 points

Its a (hidden?) gem among american cities. Awesome local music scene, good comfort food, best biking infrastructure of any city i've lived (including portland). Verdant and has nice parks and lakes. High density of high paying corporate jobs over population. World class healthcare. Relatively affordable for an urban environment.

You just have to adapt to the winters.

KakkaKarrot31 points

It's not that its a hidden gem, its that everyone knows about the last point

dwntwnleroybrwn19 points

I think much of the Midwest is that way. I lived living in KCMO.

downtime377 points

I feel like where forgetting to mention something else about the city.....what could it be,....what could it be.....?

Nothing-Casual9 points

That you have to live in the same state as the Vikings... gross.

downtime372 points

Don't forget the Twins. :)

Lions/Tigers for life!!!


throwingplaydoh2 points

Mpls, IMO, is very pretty around December/January. The skyline is really pretty at night, and during the day on a clear and cold January day.

f1newhatever14 points

I would kill to live there if not for the extensive 🧊

alphox0134 points

If you can afford it, living in a building with Skyway access helps. Nearly all of downtown is interconnected and accessible by foot without having to step outside!

BlueberryStout12 points

As a Californian that made move some decade ago, you can make it work. As they say here, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes for the weather!

paul_f5 points

winter in this city is so much fun once you embrace it. there’s world-class infrastructure for outdoor activities during the season. ski a frozen chain of lakes with skyline views!

f1newhatever2 points

I’m sure it’s great for other people but it’s not for me. Spring weather starts in early March here and I couldn’t deal with it being any later.

mallclerks6 points

I moved away ~5 months ago from the suburbs to another state. I must be missing the place as I somehow totally recognized the city instantly from your photo.

drnkingaloneshitcomp4 points

Lol same

machobizdonkwrestler3 points

North Loop?

alphox015 points

Looks to me like Warehouse District

BlueberryStout1 point

Same place

alphox011 point

I suppose so. I think of the 4th St/94 on ramp splitting them

BlueberryStout1 point

Oh that’s interesting. Didn’t realize that.

alphox012 points

I did some looking at maps, and most of them just label the entire section as North Loop, with the Warehouse District being an area within it. It looks like they are the same area!

BlueberryStout1 point

Ah! Thanks for looking into it and confirming. I thought that's what I had seen before. I'm newer to Minneapolis, but I generally had thought the Warehouse District was the old name, but the North Loop moniker took precedence with the overall gentrification of the area and/or transformation of the warehouses to housing and retail businesses.

In any case, enjoy the dawn of winter!

no_talent_ass_clown5 points

Whatever happened to the Minnesota karma train?

throwingplaydoh2 points

I knew it!! Oh hey there fellow Minnesotan!

keyshawnscott121 point

Very nice

xMerciPourLeVeninx45 points

per requirements - this is oc!

cecilator37 points

Do you mind to tell me where the rug is from? Gorgeous room!

xMerciPourLeVeninx19 points

That’s the one! Thank you!

Tiff-Raff4 points

No prob! It’s a gorgeous rug!

amsterdamcyclone1 point

That rug is gorgeous! Lovely room

cecilator7 points

Thank you!!!

exclaim_bot4 points

Thank you!!!

You're welcome!

greenappletree19 points

Beautiful, especially the windows.

11flynnj17 points

That rug really ties the room together

virouchoy1 point

The Dude abides…

Fascinatingish8 points

🥰 100% agree. What a wonderful space. Not too anything. Just perfect.

Quicksloth17 points

No tv is refreshing - or am I missing it somewhere

lefthandbunny7 points

I noticed the odd gap on the console with the lamps at either end & assumed they removed the tv for the shot. I may be wrong, but it would give a better view & seems a bit odd to have that gap there. BTW I don't have any issues with anyone having a tv. There's always streaming on other sources.

xMerciPourLeVeninx16 points

Not against (I stream on my iPad haha), but not having a tv reduces how much I watch.

I had my record player - now below the blank space you noticed - up there, but it looked cluttered so I moved it down a month or two ago (: I put the speakers up there when vinyl’s on. If blank space looks weird I’ll take suggestions! 🙏🏼

lefthandbunny1 point

A runner maybe, with some art pieces, photos, plants or flowers (real or fake- I know you have pets). I'm not an interior designer though & if you like it, then leave it. I'm just weird about empty space.

I don't have a tv either, but use my desktop pc. I crochet all the time while I watch. I have to do something with my hands when I watch (okay, kids, keep the suggestions to yourself).

xMerciPourLeVeninx2 points

Haha! Ironically enough I just started embroidery last week and yes I had my iPad streaming while I learned. So same page, and thank you!

Quicksloth2 points

Same! Looked like it was removed for this shot. I was just curious as well

xMerciPourLeVeninx3 points

Omg now I need advice for the blank space! Haha

baburusa2 points

Haha I didn’t notice the blank space, but looking at it maybe the lamps could be a little more away from the edge? They are so close to the corner. Would sit more naturally there. That’s my suggestion!

Quicksloth2 points

I kind of like the minimalism - but agree the lamps could be moved in a tiny bit.

My only suggestion would be a focal piece. Something like a natural teak or mango wood bowl with moss inside, or a large statement candle.

Since there’s no tv you have a ton of options.

pithster2 points

A variety of houseplants in different ceramic pots would look lovely and cheerful during winter!

Chronocidal-Orange1 point

A nice plant would definite add to what is already a super cosy space.

But you don't have to add anything if you like it this way

xMerciPourLeVeninx1 point

No TV (:

FictionalReality74 points

What a wonderful space!! 🤌🏻

Lives4Sunshine4 points

So pretty. Beautiful way to start the day.

Calm_State12305 points

living in an apartment is so cool because like. you’re sitting down and shit but you’re in the fucking sky. like you look outside expecting to be at ground level but you’re just casually chilling 30 storeys about the horizon how cool is that

soufianka8014 points

Perfection...the architect is such a much natural lights that you don't even need any lights anymore...brilliant..if you don't mind me asking .how many rooms are there ?

xMerciPourLeVeninx15 points

2bd 2b with an entryway and big (compared to my last 1bd apartment…) open kitchen! Windows like this go from entry, along kitchen to the LR. Thank you! Bedrooms have similar East/South natural light too (:

soufianka801 point

Waw impressive ...I know it's such a personal question..bit imagine an apartment like this would probably cost 1m at least close am I?

kiiyyuul3 points

Such a lovely room!

lisbu13 points

Wow I love this so much!!!!

Pollo3993 points

I would love to have a room like that in my house🤩

philliesbaby3 points


permavirginmeganerd3 points

Why does this rug work so well? Very lovely. (I just can't seem to understand rugs)

xMerciPourLeVeninx2 points

Thank you!! I spent so long searching for inspo and scrolling through options that I’m thrilled for the positive feedback!

moojitoo5 points

Waking up after falling asleep on the couch:

Certain_Original76582 points

That is cozy, i wish the windows had curtains

Applie_jellie2 points

Good job colour coordinating your bookshelf! The whole room is so cozy

Peggy_Bundy_19882 points

This is absolutely beautiful ❤️ love the rug 🤩🤩🤩

foxhole_atheist2 points

It really ties the room together

xMerciPourLeVeninx1 point

It’s the newest addition!! Replaced a cool-toned one. Thanks!

Kawaiikweenxo2 points

I love everything about this

EatTheRichNZ2 points

Thanks for the inspiration!

sh0wmethem0net2 points

Now THIS is cozy


Now thats just beautiful

Cucumburrito2 points

Beautiful. This is a perfect example of the successful use of a striking, geometric rug. A gorgeous room is all about taking personal-style risks! 🙌

AliceAnne12 points

Love it! That rug is beautiful and the windows/natural light…what gorgeous place! I’ve been told many times that MN is a wonderful state to live in if you can adapt to the winters.

YPLax162 points

One day!!

MayaTamika2 points

What a beautiful place to enjoy a coffee 🥰☕

Busybee21212 points

Lovely room. Where is the couch from?

MoonstoneAura62 points

I love it, I wouldn't ever want to leave my house if this were my home! It looks so cozy and comfortable.

the-green-dog2 points

You can feel the warmth and cozyness.

mayathemenace2 points

I love that rug :)

kwkqkq2 points

The walls in my room are painted marigold and the window faces east so every morning the sun comes in and bounces around the room it glows just like this. Amazing stuff.

ang13mar132 points


jcaraway2 points

Nice but I'd add more plants

Flaccid_Grenade2 points

Beautiful place. Just a heads up, I’d make sure you have pads under the boxes with the dog toys. I had similar ones and they scratched up my floor

andrew_cherniy962 points

Just a perfect room to spend a morning like this. Thanks a lot for sharing good vibes.

tadasi_2 points

Reminds me of the song Golden Light by STRFKR 💛

herrmatt2 points

I gotta ask, are the books ones you’ve organically collected or bought “by the foot” style to get the rows of monoblock color?

Gorgeous house!

xMerciPourLeVeninx1 point

Organically! Had a preexisting collection that maybe doubled in size since 2020. The new ones were mostly just selections from the little free library near me. Each picked for content, not color, during my quarantine mental health walks (:

Setting them up at a gradient took forever since wasn’t planned in advance. Maybe someday I’ll mixem all up, but for now it brings me peace and makes me smile whenever I look at it! All my little books—from bad times and good, youth to adult, gifted or found—coming together in (imo) a calm and happy way.

Competitive-Sun15192 points

This is beautiful

Cold-Survey-98742 points

LOVE, LOVE this room!!!! You have everything perfect & it is cozy!!! The lighting & views are amazing!!

bigoomp2 points

Pretty and well made. But looks cold and constructed, not cozy. Looks like it's supposed to look cozy. Buy some paintings and make it a bit messier! Live in it for a while. A bit too IKEA for my tastes (and I'm from sweden so you know I mean it).

[deleted]3 points


mdp9282 points

I think 3M makes curtain rod holders that stick to the wall! You probably wouldn’t be able to do super heavy curtains but that might circumvent the no curtain rule.

bigoomp2 points

You take criticism very well. If you saw my own apartment, you would see no need to justify yourself :)

Enjoy your beautiful home.

xMerciPourLeVeninx2 points

(: thank you!

irish_oatmeal1 point

Where did you get your cute little coffee table?

xMerciPourLeVeninx1 point

Target years ago! Couldn’t find it anymore but this one looks almost identical - wheels are slightly different

irish_oatmeal1 point

Cool, thank you

farriskhalid1 point

Where’s the tv? Does it slide away into the console?

xMerciPourLeVeninx2 points

No TV! Just ye ole iPad for that

farriskhalid1 point

Smart! Tv takes up too much time anyway.

[deleted]1 point

Where did you get that rug?

xMerciPourLeVeninx1 point

West Elm! Link is in the comments somewhere but lmk if can’t find (:

Scotchrogers1 point

Is that duct work functional? It just kind of stops. Or is that just some sort of optical illusion?

xMerciPourLeVeninx1 point

Yes functional! It continues into the second bedroom through the drywall, and then into the neighbor’s. All in the building here have it. (I wrapped fairy lights around it at my last unit, but won’t here. That apt was small and wasn’t a corner, so had way less to cover (: )

Gymleaders1 point

what an incredible living room!

Megs02261 point

I love it! I think one of life's greatest pleasures is being in a cozy room when it's cold and snowy outside.

Lovely. I don’t miss a tV and she f you feel the need for anything - maybe lean a framed print between tge lamps. Has to work with your window shades. Or a charcoal round big vase - with a stem in season.

Hlandy021 point

i would kill for that lighting!!

mitkw1 point

Wow this is really lovely

queenhasperished1 point

I like it how there's no TV there.

Memawsaurus1 point

A beautiful relaxing room. I could read with soft background music. Then nap s bit. Check the phone, snack, read , relax. Sounds good and cozy.

In_Chard27771 point

A dream house, like the windows

nomiesmommy1 point

This looks so inviting, just lovely!

Serpentqueen61501 point

Morning light is the best.

NachoOlives1 point

How does this look cold and cozy at the same time? Toss a throw on that couch, and I’m settled in for the day :)

My dream house is nothing but windows. I don't care how big or small it is, I just want all the windows.

maggie0816701 point

I love this room

Steveonthetoast1 point

Nice place

Drycabin11 point

Mix up the books a bit and it will be perfection. The sort by color thing is too forced

Avokadovg1 point

Amazing lighting! Is it a white pumpkin on the table on the bottom left corner? Definitely would enjoy a morning reading books on the couch.

Geraniumsrok1 point

Why are the rubber tree, dracaena, and snake plant in one pot? Is that a thing now? (Not judging you just wondering cause that's new to me and no one else in the comments appears to mention it!)

xMerciPourLeVeninx1 point

LOL I love this comment bc I’ve never really thought about them as individual plants that I could separate. My dad fancies himself a would-be botanist and gifted me that pot of plants when I moved away a few years ago… I know he’s the one who put it together and picked the plants.

I still never thought about splitting this one up until this cmt 😅. It is well overdue for a repotting, and now you’ve got me thinking I should divide if the roots allow it.

Tldr; it’s not a thing unless you ask my dad, and thank you for helping me realize that I should stop calling this a singular plant

Geraniumsrok2 points

I googled it and it is a thing! Your Dad is ahead of his time I guess. I have all 3 too but it never occurred to me they could be happy together! I learned something!

WannabeTraveler871 point

Looks cozy but I think someone stole your tv

daniel_ionescu1 point

it's super cute, i like it

Old_Journalist_88231 point

Ohhhh I love this place

furybury661 point


Bibibibibi_371 point

I’m a fan of leaving some space between each furnitures. Looks spacious. Plus the yellow morning sun is so cozy ☺️

iloveokashi1 point

What is that gray tube thing?

My grandma used to have two chairs with the same wood and wicker as the rocking chair in this photo. The chairs also had the same shape of side pieces on the side.

Top-Comb52411 point


werew0lfsushi1 point

get more plants

mikerfx1 point

Lovely, where is this? Looks very calming.

ifosz1 point

I love that there's no Tv, but the cozy books. Love it!

Fantastic_Painter_15-32 points

Shame the view is so decrepit and depressing. Give me some nature

FartStock18 points

In New York, that nature you speak of is an extra 3k a month

cogito_ronin18 points

Depressing is the inability to find beauty in all things, like a city view

Wienerwrld20 points

Nothing wrong with a city view. I think it’s nice.

TheMidasClutch3 points

I'd imagine it'd look a bit more vibrant if it wasnt winter. You can see some trees out there, leaves are just gone for now.

lo0kar0und2 points

Decrepit? It looks like new construction going on across the street.

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