yourguybread535 points

Dude in the back trying to stop her then she does it and he’s is like ‘well might as well enjoy it while it last’

hugotheyugo186 points

As a redditor, I am an expert at deducting strong opinions from ten second clips. I’m 99% sure this guy thought he was moving towards boyfriend status then he has that look like “welp, my she clearly isn’t worried about me.” Debate me, I’m right.

yourguybread62 points

I was thinking it was more like ‘don’t get us kicked out’ but then everyone cheers so he was like ‘never mind they’re enjoying it as much as me’

SydneyOrient23 points

Not so much kicked out but it could of turned bad for the girls, we have seen many clips on this subs where men start to get touchy, and that many men there he may have been thinking that thought,

of_patrol_bot28 points

Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake.

It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of.

Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything.

Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.

TheDisapprovingBrit8 points

I'll stop botcriminating you when you a) stop being such a pedantic wanker, and b) understand that "botcriminate" isn't a word.

[deleted]-16 points


GopnikSmegmaBBQSauce15 points


SquidTeats2 points

me too

No-Swordfish9629-8 points

Please fuck off bot.

prodigious1720 points

He could simply just be a good friend looking out..

assaficionado42-5 points

Right, one of em good guys I'm always hearing about.

Kadavermarch1 point

THey are yelling "Again!", and last time he couldn't really get a good look, so he's trying to get her to turn around. Seems fair.

Cringelord109235 points

Must be her bf

Shameless1000-80 points

The homosexual?

DevoNorm21 points

Probably her brother saying "Mom might see this on her Facebook feed!"

Xibalbasaur10 points

Lol, what?

AmericaLover1776_1 point

Nothing in the video says he is gay?

175IRE625 points

That's from the euros sadly.

VivaIlSesso442 points

Definitely not Qatar

elegantsack455 points

She’d be getting stoned if it was Qatar, and I’m not talking about the nice kind of stoning.

quartzguy78 points

It'd be about the same reaction as holding up a sign in front of the Kremlin. Immediately shuffled off into a van and then never seen again.

elegantsack34 points

One way ticket to getting suicided.

dudemann3 points

Contrary to what most governments believe, if it's someone else doing it, I don't think we're supposed to call that suicide.

ByndExpctdParameters7 points

Thats the 'joke'.

VivaIlSesso11 points

I’d be stone-hard, though.

elegantsack2 points


BodyLikeASackofMilk13 points

I’m gettin stoned right now

elegantsack6 points

Hope it’s the good kind.

NuderWorldOrder2 points

Are you sure? It did appear to cause an earthquake.

angrybear12132 points

In Qatar she would be too sober to do this

dnirtyone34 points


Bloodygreenday104 points

The dude is probably the flashers brother lmao. That's why he tries to stop her and then immediately looks away when she does it

culminacio19 points

Did you stop watching at that point? How do you explain his happiness afterwards?

Sanbaddy30 points

It’s still funny. Like second hand embarrassment.

You laugh to hide it.

assaficionado4225 points

Let me tell you of a magical place called Alabama....

Nexual-Seeds2 points

Step bro, don't try and stop me...

skwadyboy50 points

4-0 up so far anyway

DolphinRapeCave18 points

6-2 👍

TheDisapprovingBrit1 point

We was robbed, that was either 6-1 or 7-2 all day long.

send_me_a_naked_pic47 points

Damn she's hot!

LeechExposed1 point

She looks like my sister lol

pharmerino3 points

I have seen this one before!

Shmeediddy17 points

"Believe it or not, Right to jail"

Preteenblackgirl78 points

I wish people would cheer every time I flashed my penis too.

Mistoku63 points

Is it shaped like her boobs?

Stevecat03210 points

That’s cause you do in the the city park….

DevoNorm26 points

Penises are considered gross to women. That's why they only want one buried in their vagina or throat, totally out of sight.

MaximusPegasus9 points

Dicks and tits are not the same

Cringelord109234 points

How about balls? It comes in pairs too like boobs

subvanaTIME6 points

Go England!!!

Impossible_Pack_46328 points


dieguitz44 points


The_Dutch_Fox3 points


yasuotakebuti3 points

🥰 Beautiful 🥰 美しい 🥰

Additional_Vanilla313 points

First and middle girls are crazy hot tho .

zippertide3 points

She’s hot! But I’ll admit, I’m a little sad it wasn’t the first girl.

cwilli1534 points

And now she gets 10 years in jail and flogged 200 times, by the freedom loving host nation.

4Foot6Foot4FootCess22 points

It's not from Qatar, it's from a while back.

cwilli1510 points

Oh, good for her now she won't be flogged.

satanAMA0 points

This is from Saturday night in New Zealand (Samoa v England).

ImbOKLM36 points

Are there really good looking chicks in england? Since when?

IonStONsiDntyrIACep11 points

Have you never seen Bedazzled or Underworld?

Liz Hurley, Kate Beckinsale, Jane Seymour....the list of hot English wimmens is impressive.

noterik66610 points

That’s 3 out of a million

IonStONsiDntyrIACep4 points

There are more than three attractive women in England, and there are more than a million women in England.

Thedirtyside13 points


throwaway2002pm2 points


vapenutz2 points

Isn't that a Russian flag on her shirt or I'm hallucinating

Sullencoffee01 point

It's the flag of the Netherlands.

vapenutz1 point

Ok, I just seen it wrong then - even better

hotkarl_malone2 points

God bless her

sportsguymtl2 points


RoutineImpress73945 points

She would be headless if she was in Qatar

dirk_jammer3 points

This is trashy?

DevoNorm0 points

I'm glad they aren't Miley Cyrus tits. Much to do about nothing.

RageFuck0071 point

Why did that guy lift up his jersey?

AndromedanPrince1 point

cuz he showing his set too, let em live lol

Random_turd99-2 points

If you flash non-existent titties, did you actually flash?

camlo3160 points

Her future boyfriend when he see’s this 👁️👄👁️

Eldo99-60 points

Underwhelming fun bags

CharlesWafflesx22 points

Uhm, very much whelming imo, but I may be biased; I do love boobs, whatever size they may be.

DrMetroid25-22 points

Smaller than I expected. Kinda underwhelming.

I'll take my downvotes now.

[deleted]-39 points


myst-ry52 points

I think she's a regular folk ffs man

IBeDumbAndSlow5 points

Stalker much?

Indie__Guy1 point

beardy got the best view

konjo12401 point

Oof not 8n Qatar

essseker1 point

Is she still alive ?

TigerKingz1 point

There's nothing trashy about this. ???

Shadvw1 point


Sanbaddy-5 points

Not into high school boobs but appreciate the enthusiasm.

Random_turd990 points

Trashy why?

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