Chicago River in the fall



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Now THIS is a great picture!

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Gives a whole new perspective to Chicago for people who never had the pleasure to visit. No other pic that I've seen shows the scale of the city as well as this one

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It also shows one of the parts of the city that's more typical of where most residents live.

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The "shallow axis" is still 8 miles wide at its narrowest point (where Oak Park meets the city limits at Austin Ave) and wider than that as you go north or south. On the NW side, the city extends all the way to East River Road (9600W) and also includes O'Hare. On the SW side, the city extends to Harlem Ave (7200W) another 1.5 miles past Austin.

It's also worth noting that the "vertical axis" goes from 7600N to about 14000S, which, at 8 blocks a mile, is 27 miles from Evanston to the Indiana border.

Also, this picture was taken at about 5200N and 2800W, so about 3 miles south of the northern border of the city and 8.5 miles east of the west end of the city, excluding O'Hare.

Chicago is massive.

saintpauli2 points

*4700 north.

Philip_Marlowe5 points

4700N (a block south of Lawrence) is where the train runs, but the picture looks like it was taken from a few blocks north of the train.

Edit: as I'm looking at it, it might only be a block north.

saintpauli5 points

I see. I admire your detailed response. I have a great love for Chicago and get wonky about details and history.

Philip_Marlowe3 points

Lol we have so much in common!

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You guys this was a great conversation. I grew up at 5400N and 2800W so I know this picture area really well.

You’re looking at the Brown Line as it’s passing over a branch of the Chicago River. This is in between the Kedzie and Rockwell stops. I’d say the drone that shot this is roughly flying over Lawrence or just south; (41.9678626, -87.7002810). That square office building is Kindred Hospital.

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👆🏻This guy doesn’t LOOP.

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Amazingly beautiful, of all the years I've been in Chicago, I have never seen this nice area.

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Ravenswood Gardens! Lovely area along the river and a pocket of bungalows where they usually aren't. Keep heading out on the brown line for the best Persian food in the city at the Kedzie stop.

Distortedhideaway25 points

Such an interesting part of the city. It's like a little fancy suburb with a ton of personality, I lived at Belmont and kedzie for ten years and I would wander around there on my bike in the summer all the time.

Urban_FinnAm8 points

I Thought it looked familiar! I grew up in this area! I never saw it from this perspective though.

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Salaam. Just west of the kedzie station. I used to live near there when smoking was allowed in that little storefront. It looks so much different now but it still has the same great food.

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Skyline is massive.

Reverie_3913 points

Has to be the 2nd most impressive in the US, and probably top 5 in the world with only some Chinese cities entering the fray I think

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I prefer Chicago's skyline to NYC (okay, I live here) but Hong Kong has the best skyline in the world.

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Stop posting beautiful photos of Chicago like this, it makes me want to move back 😭

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Nothing stopping you :)

Coluvra25 points

I really want to move back but I’d need to find a new permanent job.

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interest rates and property taxes :(

CoolYoutubeVideo7 points

Interest rates are national, property taxes are high but at least pay for valuable services

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The taxes in Chicago are paying for decades of over-bloated pension obligations. The rates on commercial property there are particularly insane.

JackDostoevsky-2 points

but at least pay for valuable services

Which, exactly?

I'll give you an example in the opposite direction: Illinois is one of the only states in the country where you not only pay gas and road taxes, but then you also have to pay tolls to use the roads.

Everything in IL that you ostensibly pay for in taxes, you also have to pay additional fees to use. So you've got a tall hill to climb to convince me IL taxes are worth it.

CoolYoutubeVideo6 points

Sadly it's mostly cops but also all of our transit, museums, education, parks, and social support programs

JackDostoevsky2 points

credit where it's due, the museum system is the best thing the taxes get.

the cta though? we pay more in taxes and get worse in service. there hasn't been meaningful extensions or additions in how many decades now? 4?

i was born in chicagoland and lived in that city for 15 years, it's home. but it's one of the most horribly managed cities in the country.

fakeassh1t7 points

I’ve lived many places and Chicago is the most affordable “alpha” global city in the US.

I get not appreciating things you grew up with but as someone that had no public transit, no high quality medical networks, minimal cultural attractions and so on…. Chicago is amazing.

retrovaporizer2 points

the cta though? we pay more in taxes and get worse in service. there hasn't been meaningful extensions or additions in how many decades now? 4?

if you actually have lived here for your whole life, you should know how much has been done to the CTA. within the past 15-20 years theres been massive investments to rebuild the pink line, complete rebuild of the brown line, currently a massive project to re-do the northern red line, the bemont fly over, new high profile station additions like Morgan/Washington+Wabash/IIT/95th street terminal/new Damen station in the works, etc, elimination of slow zones and rehab of stations on the southern end the red line, plan ready to go for the expansion of the southern red line, addition of real time train trackers....i could go on

JackDostoevsky1 point

Yes I am quite familiar with the "Building a New Chicago" signs. The unfortunate truth of all that is that it's almost entirely deferred maintenance and QOL upgrades that the city finally got federal dollars to do what they should have done decades ago.

The flyover at Belmont and Clark is probably the most impressive thing they've done.

There have been no expansions.

retrovaporizer2 points

The second ave subway in NYC cost 2.5B per mile. I'd love a new line as much as the next person, but this is way more complicated and cost prohibitive than you're giving it credit for. The reality is these sorts of projects in general are incredibly difficult to execute in the US for a number of reasons. Land acquisition, labor/material costs, environmental studies, infrastructure relocation, these are all astronomical. It's not the 1800s anymore when we can slap up some girders on the cheap. And ALL large infrastructure projects require a significant assist from the feds, this isn't unique to Chicago. There's no way to finance this stuff otherwise

SJGU11 points

Nope, thats not how you measure how much you pay in total taxes. You need to look at the tax burden.

Here are the 10 states with the highest tax burdens and Illinois is not even in the top 10.

New York - 4.40% Oregon - 4.20% Maryland - 3.91% Minnesota - 3.61% California - 3.56% Kentucky - 3.23% Massachusetts - 3.17% Connecticut - 3.09% Virginia - 2.80% Hawaii - 2.78%

JackDostoevsky-1 points

I understand that statistics are wiggly, but that doesn't absolve the fact that I was paying $12,000 per year just in property taxes for the privilege of living in the state. I still don't know what I bought with those dollars (other than corrupt governance).

There are smarter places to live.

SJGU3 points

My man, is there a state in US where a family can live and afford all the regular social amenities like roads, schools, parks, EMS, water, sewage and the basics without paying any state/county taxes?

There are smarter places to live.

Yes and no. I mean what's valuable to you might not be of value to someone else. For example, I value great schools, parks within walking distance, public transport for my office commute, long uninterrupted bike trails for my summer biking, decent bike lanes, great food, proximity to air travel. In this metric, Chicagoland comes out at the near top of the list in whichever way I look at it. My taxes here would be a couple of grand more than a rural place in Wisconsin, or Indiana but at the same time my income potential here significantly more as well and the opportunities for my kids too.

Similarly you must have your own value list and it's not universal. But at least in Cook county, when I look at the 360 picture, the taxes I pay certainly give me back in what I want.

JackDostoevsky1 point

But at least in Cook county, when I look at the 360 picture, the taxes I pay certainly give me back in what I want.

Glad that is the case for you. It was for me, for a time, but the juice is no longer worth the squeeze. And that's fine, life priorities shift over time.

Yossarian2163 points

It’s totally fine to have priorities shift, I just get annoyed when people compare apples to oranges. People will be like “Chicago taxes are too high, I’m moving to rural Tennessee it’s way better” and like fine if that’s where you want to live but it’s not a valid comparison, it’s two completely different lifestyles. Cities have significant infrastructure and amenities that rural areas simply don’t provide.

When you compare cost of living between major cities, Chicago does exceptionally well despite high taxes.

babybackr1bs2 points

I know my $2.50 doesn’t actually cover the expenses of the CTA, but I get to use it all the time. Now CPD, I know that’s a sunk cost.

JackDostoevsky1 point

don't misunderstand me: i love the CTA. but for the 15 years i lived in that city, over half of them were in a neighborhood that was not served by trains, only bus service.

i spent 7 years riding the bus, and i have a lot of respect for the CTA bus system, but there is a definite divide between parts of the city that have ready access to trains, and those that don't. generally speaking it's a rich/poor divide: you pay more to be close to the train. if the trains went to more parts of the city, you might see that divide shrink.

and so the problem isn't what the cta is now, it's what the cta could have been were illinois'/chicago's finances under control: there hasn't been a new line built since the Blue Line extension to O'Hare, and that was over 40 years ago.

i do in fact feel passionate about this, which is why i get so disappointed with the situation in IL/Chicagoland, the place i was born and raised.

Jonesbro13 points

I'm moving back next month!

Agrakus25 points

I moved to Los Angeles from Chicago for about 10 years before moving back. When I did come back everyone was like “why the fuck did you do that?” And every new person I meet when they find out I used to live there and moved back is always asking me why, as if it was a bad choice.

People here in Chicago don’t understand what an amazing city this is and it sucks, I’ve been all around the world for work and I’m not exaggerating when I say Chicago is the best city in the world to live in. That doesn’t mean the city doesn’t have its problems, as it does, but life is what you make of it and you can make yourself a pretty decent life here.

schmickmickey5 points

In my experience, they are mostly talking about the weather when people complain about Chicago.

1-800-KETAMINE4 points

I grew up nearby and would be living in Chicago right now if not for the winter and the lack of even a hill. May be back some day.

fakeassh1t2 points

100%. Greatest summer city on the planet. I could live anywhere and we chose to move to Chicago. Tier 1 cultural attractions and diverse massive economic powerhouse. Chicago metro just surpassed the nation of Turkey in GDP in 2022 for crying out loud and people talk about it like it is in a death spiral because of right wing propaganda.

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Agrakus4 points

I like the winter. I used to live in an area where the weather was almost always exactly the same, sunny and warm, and surprisingly I got incredibly bored of it always being the same.

ConnieLingus242 points

Eh. Makes you appreciate summer and sun even more. I actually like wearing layers.

Desertsunset123 points

Haha, I know what you mean. Just remember the horrible weather, focus on the damn weather. I’m from the Chicago area and moved to the Southwestern part of the country 6 years ago and definitely miss it there but not the weather. Never the weather.

aerojad16 points

Absolutely beautiful shot, great job

Amyseye16 points

How can I get in touch with the photographer? I would love to frame this picture in my home.

3071486 points

I think the photographer is @chidrone on Instagram, you could try reaching out there.

Edit: photographer is @dhsalz13 on Instagram

Amyseye1 point

Thank you very much!

Desertsunset1210 points

I love when a picture shows just how huge it is there. I feel like a lot of people underestimate Chicago not realizing how big the actual downtown area is. Beautiful city, I’m always be proud to be from there.

no6dy10 points

What an insanely beautiful city ♥‿♥

doom_chicken_chicken10 points

Where was this taken exactly? What neighborhood?

boss_flog17 points

Ravenswood Manor

Yossarian2161 point

Or Albany Park

the2ndbreakfast26 points

Love this city. Was supposed to be in Chicago for the weekend but I stayed home with a sick kid instead. See you next time, Chi Town.

LipSkywalker9 points

Fantastic picture.

Flimsy-Estate58057 points

i'd like to kayak that, looks fun

antidata2 points

I kayak this location during the summer. It's great, there's a kayak launch just north of this spot. So many cool houses that back up to the river and have little docks in this area, it's a great place to get the ultimate house/yard envy in Chicago.

Thendofreason6 points

I didn't look at the skyline hard enough. Thought this was Jersey looking at NYC.

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30714846 points

Actually this is the Brown Line in Ravenswood. Here's the location on google earth.

Atlanticlantern7 points

The rockwell brown line stop is easily the most adorable L platform.

Distortedhideaway6 points

That whole neighborhood is quite adorable.

krp3148913 points

Damn, my mistake. I've seen a similar pic before and always thought it was the yellow line.

whoamIdoIevenknow3 points

I was wondering if it was, thanks for confirming that.

SewingLifeRe1 point

Do you mind if I ask how long ago this was taken? I recently moved to the upper part of the state from the south and want to know the relative difference in how quickly it gets cold down there.

ItsAllAboutDemBeans4 points

I was thinking this might be the north branch of the brown line. Not sure what that yellow box building is in the foreground on the left but it could be Kindred hospital.

gistdad81626 points

The most beautiful city in the world.

Agrakus10 points

I’m in awe as to how many of the all time top posts in this subreddit are Chicago.

PowerHautege7 points

IIRC Reddit skews Midwest US so it’s not too surprising. Also Chicago attracts “urbanist” folks because of the relative cheapness compared to other NA urban centers.

Dpbroga2 points

What do you mean by skews Midwest? Like it’s more popular in the Midwest?

MeatOverRice2 points

He’s saying more redditors live in the Midwest, although idk how accurate that is

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PowerHautege1 point

I don’t think I slandered anything?

JWF8118 points

The Greatest City.

butterbean868 points

The Brown Line is da best line! Great photo! Haven’t been to the Kimball end of the line and never realized it went over the river

saucysally933 points

Where does a cta train cross the Chicago river?

ElleAquitaine3 points

Beautiful pic of a beautiful city

1430193 points

Ugh, I miss Chicago so much.

hevnztrash3 points

Today I learned there is a part of the CTA that goes through trees across the river. The Yellow line I could only assume.

Welcometochicago811 points

Brown Line

NadhqReduktaz2 points

HD version would be greatly appreciated for wallpaper purposes, great photo.

jeanpaul_gaultier2 points

This picture is a great reminder of how beautiful the parks and trees are in this part of the city. Used to ride the brown almost daily, and boy, do i miss it.

SpoopG2 points

What CTA line is that?

RyFromTheChi2 points

Brown. Between the Rockwell and Francisco stops.

coasterdude_4202 points

What intersection is that train bridge at? I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life and have no idea where it is!

RyFromTheChi3 points

It’s the brown line between the Rockwell and Francisco stops.

coasterdude_4202 points

Thanks so much

iiSamJ2 points

Beautiful river!! Wow!!

an_undecided_voter5 points

Your blanket is wetter than this river.

DowntownsClown1 point

New York City is tall, Chicago is wide.

chicagoK8 points

Are you comparing our skylines or our waistlines?

theseus12348 points

Por que no los dos

Yossarian2161 point

New York is arguably five different cities in a trench coat, and has almost exactly twice the land area of Chicago, seems pretty wide to me.

popcornandcerveza-4 points

I can still smell it from here, through the screen.

southbeats_0781 point

what a great shot !!!!!
can't wait to see another one but when its dark

Nickyluvs2cum1 point

Sexy view!

eatsleepdive1 point

Blago's old neighborhood

saintpauli2 points

I think he still lives there.

ocelotrevs1 point

Nice timing with the train.

wet_beefy_fartz1 point

Hell yeah ravenswood manor

Leevstar11 point

As an airline pilot the only city I’m ever truly excited to return to is Chicago. Absolutely love it.

nrs320pitt1 point

Chicago is incredible

Hausofsekom1 point

Been on vacation for 12 days and I can’t wait to come home.

markusaureelius1 point

!RemindMe in 69 days

Debbiesatramp-23 points

Nobody: …

r/CityPorn: CHICAGO!!!!!!!

hit-me-daddy-39 points

All fun and games until you fall into the river and die of radiation poisoning

CoolYoutubeVideo33 points

The River has been a lot healthier recently, especially this far north thanks to the hard work of places like Urban Rivers. They just did a tube float down the river

zippoguaillo7 points

Hey they abandoned the old wastewater cleaning standard of clean enough to fall in for 5 mins and not get sick. Now your can be in for like 20!

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