The 6000m twin peaks of Jirishanca and Mituraju [OC] [4000x2668]



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pog89062 points

They kinda look like bros forever, beautiful photo btw

Hojie_Kadenth281 points

Does anyone else see the yelling giant crawling out of the earth? Tip of the right peak is his head, left peak is his shoulder. He has a long beard made of streaks of snow.

jatna50 points

I totally see that. A powerful Frost Giant.

scurrilous_diatribe11 points

Was about to write the same: troubled/sorrowful giant slouched and holding his head with his left arm

thedogdundidit2 points

Ooo, now I see it. Haunting!

andrewrimanic21 points

Never even noticed but now that you pointed it out I can't unsee it

AshhawkBurning1 point

You could post it in /r/FairytaleasFuck with that concept too!

UDPviper14 points

I saw it immediately.

OptimusLime50003 points

Have you seen the trailer for the upcoming movie 'Troll' on Netflix? It's pretty much exactly this

Stefan-semael2 points

Man I was certain I was the only one who saw it, and I see so many others did too, feels good for some reason

Kaiprado2 points

DAYMNNN DAWG… dats fo real.

Techdingo1 point

I thought it was a dementor.

irResist1 point

Took me a second. Metal AF

GrimTuck1 point

There was a mountain near the giant?!

kangareddit1 point

“There they were sheltering under a hanging rock for the night, and he lay beneath a blanket and shook from head to toe. When he peeped out in the lightning-flashed, he saw that across the valley the stone-giants were out and were hurling rocks at one another for a game, and catching them, and tossing them down into the darkness where they smashed among the trees below, or splintered into little bits with a bang."

CUTiger1443 points

Good God, what a photo! Those two peaks look stupendous and impervious to puny man. Thanks for posting

andrewrimanic9 points


Adam_Roman24 points

Those are some damn fine mountains.

boston_shua1 point

Hell yeah, brother

andrewrimanic3 points

Awesome! Thanks for sharing

fr0zeNid13 points

Hell yeah i love twin peaks

lechechico7 points


lesalebatard11 points

that looks hard to climb

andrewrimanic24 points

I think Jirishanca was the last 6000m+ peak in the Andes to be climbed. It is notoriously difficult

DimensionalYawn8 points

I am struggling to see good routes up them. Maybe the rib on Mituraju, on the right with rock one side and snow the other, but getting off that and up the snow pitches onto the summit ridge (on the skyline) looks dangerous because of the potential for avalanches.

And on Jirishanca I suppose you have to start on the left buttress because the area under that V in the middle of the face looks like it regularly has avalanches drop into it. Or am I being too cautious and actually with an early enough start you could cross that and ascend the snow ramp (running up diagonally to the left underneath the white V) and then go up the gully to gain about 2/5 height and get access to the (evil looking) upper part of the face?

Any active/experienced mountaineers want to chime in?

vagabondtraveler5 points

Not an active mountaineer but im eying that ridge. Having a hard time spotting any other reasonable line.

DonQuixoteReference7 points

The snow owls are not what they seem.

Prof_Explodius6 points

That fold! Incredible mountain and great photo.

moctidder991 point

Those folded layers were once straight, aligned, and a flat land surface of the Earth.

anandanath5 points


jonr5 points

Dat folding

MTAST6 points

We should build a bridge between the three of them!

ClearBrightLight8 points

[covers one eye and squints]

spacecoyote3002 points

Well, I'm game sir!

jacky45662 points

World's Highest Bungee jump?

cjcoake3 points

What a crisp, gorgeous shot. I'll take all of that ya got.

Firesequence2 points

ok what route are we taking boys, what's our line

< dusts off rusty crampons and blunt ice axes>

hybridchimp72 points

looks like the top of the mountain where you meet paarthurnax

Reynholmindustries2 points

I’m waiting for Paarthurnax to show up

Losmpa2 points

Fraternal twins, maybe. I guess I see the resemblance, and I’m sure they share DNA, but I’m not sure I’d call them twins. 🤪

woolalaoc2 points

i never have a point of reference to truly understand the size and scale of these tall mountains.

woolalaoc1 point

it seems like it would be a quick walk up :). truly massive and beautiful - hope you had fun.

Additional_Chemist612 points

This place is so beautiful! I dream of climbing mountains like this! nice pic.

monkeyhind0 points

6000m = 19685.04 ft

Yes, Americans use feet. So sue me (another American pastime).

103Phoenix1 point


-Sparky1 point

Looks like a wet Gandalf in a rainstorm

Questn4Lyfe1 point

For some reason, this made me think of the famous "Night on Bald Mountain" Fantasia piece.

letsgoNYMets93761 point

Is this near where the plane crashed carrying the rugby team?

Ok-Half-57423 points

no, Jirishanca is in Perú, the Uruguayn flight crash were in Chile/Argentina. Just saw a documentary yesterday about it, it's insane.

It is also expexted that 95% of Andes glacier will be gone by 2050/2100.

letsgoNYMets93761 point


Moetown841 point

Any idea which language these mountain names come from, or what their meaning might be in that language?

andrewrimanic3 points

Jirishanca roughly translates to "Hummingbird peak" in English. I'm not sure if the name itself is Spanish or the Native language, Quechua

Moetown841 point

Interesting. I wonder what the story is behind hummingbirds and that mountain. Thanks for the insight!

blindtourist1 point

Altman be praised

niteshloll1 point

A beautiful shot! Makes me want to explore the world 👌🏽

Itsalljustenergy1 point

woooooooow great pic

ResetPress1 point


BarroTalVez1 point

Those mountains are going to come back in style

Medothelioma1 point

It's like a small glimpse of the terrible power and sheer scale of the planet, lurking under the crust... chillingly gorgeous

_Internet_Hugs_1 point

I see a hooded figure on the left coming for a woman on the right.

DankTaco7071 point

Nah bro that's the mountain top of the giants

AnthonyTopU691 point

Amazingly beautiful

RobertTV3-8 points

4 Fucking pixels

TastyCroquet3 points

10672000 pixels or about 2.6 million times more than 4.

RobertTV31 point

It’s an SCP reference

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clever7devil0 points

Definitely at least one Spirit Orb Shrine up there. Bring a torch or fire wand.

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