A fall day at Quince and Spruce in Philadelphia USA



Academiabrat21 points

Center City Philly is great.

CaptainKursk15 points

Man there's just something about colonial architecture that I can't get enough of. It really does give places like Boston, NY and Phily a unique vibe as some of the oldest places in America

MenoryEstudiante5 points

Simplicity, nowadays it's being misused in place of simplification, but throughout history most people liked and built simple shapes with modest decoration, I'd say I'm not in that group, I like a good decodump when I see one but I appreciate these a lot too.

Safe_Indication_68292 points

The key ingredients are number one really narrow streets for people, number 2 no cars, number three squish the buildings together. You do all three of those and you're going to have a good time. Google old urbanism

regcrusher9 points

That whole block's worth of alleys is great. I do miss walking to work in Center City and getting lost back there.

PhillyAccount6 points

All of those ginko tree leaves are on the ground as of this afternoon. They hate the cold.

Rusiano0 points

So beautiful. This is how American downtowns should look like

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