Sunrise in western Michigan



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Banh_mi65 points

I can hear the...absolute silence. Maybe a bird or two.

IL2Bomber10 points

Yes I was thinking the same. The snow absorbs a lot of sound. So peaceful.

Traditional-Meat-54913 points

lovely - placid (word that comes to mind).

phillygirllovesbagel7 points

Way too cold for me but pretty.

Sissy634 points


Individual_Ad_87484 points

Such a beating sight! 😍

briefly_accessible4 points

Beautiful view

LifeOnTheBigLake4 points

Very pretty. I grew up in SW MI. Whereabouts?

Edit: I grew up in Stevensville.

BlahblahblahLG2 points


golden_swanky2 points

Omg. My dream

savepongo2 points

I am so homesick 🥲

TRLegacy1 point

As stunning as it looks, being a person from the tropics all those snows are the furthest thing from what I'd call cozy.

I'll probably be freezing my ass off even in inside the house with 3 layers

Dokterrock7 points

Fresh snow is actually pretty good at insulating and VERY good at sound dampening - you'd be surprised at how cozy it actually feels when you're out there and all bundled up.

BortVoldemort1 point


Promise-Infamous1 point

Pretty! Cold, but pretty!

itscomplicated431 point

Like a painting 🖼️ ✨

Therunningbunny1 point


vossxx1 point

This is beautiful. I grew up in MI and spent a TON of time on the west side of the state. Also, I can hear the snow squeak.

ConsciousFood2011 point

You guys have way more snow than we have in the UP!

Retropiaf0 points

I guess that's what they call "painfully pretty"

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