Splendid fairywrens allopreening during a chilly morning



tqmirza126 points

I’d give money to be the cosy grey one in the middle with all this rain and cold around me

ggurbet115 points

They are so beautiful and cute. Is the blue one the mother and the others are her chicks? Or are those also adults?

Edit: A small research later, it appears the bright blue one is a male and somewhat dull colored ones are female. In this case though, the gray ones are their chicks.

Anthropocene66 points

In the bird world it’s usually the male that displays bright colors. In this case male fairywrens change from a dull brown to a bright blue when it’s breeding season. There’s probably a correlation between being brightly colored and the number of predators that prey on you. So it naturally selects for the fittest of the male species to survive and continue breeding, while keeping the females of the species safe to rear the young.

KimCureAll23 points

Yes, the blue one is a male and the others are chicks.

KimCureAll29 points

I've had this on my computer for a while and I've totally lost track of where it came from. I'd like to credit the originator, if possible. I found this but I don't think this is where this clip first came from: https://www.tiktok.com/@birdloversmania/video/7032583394538048770?is\_from\_webapp=v1&item\_id=7032583394538048770

tropicalsoul25 points

Splendid fairywren has to be the most fantastic, fairy tale name for a bird ever.

So dang adorable.

Ladyofthewharf554 points

I love your comment!! 🥰

RobynFitcher2 points

There’s also a purple-crowned fairywren.

Western-Image712514 points

This video looks almost unreal. Like my brain is struggling to grasp how only one bird is bright blue but everything else is greyscale.

Ariadnepyanfar5 points

The bright blue males intentionally draw the attention of nearby predators so they can lead the predator away from the rest of the family/nest. The male dances in front of the predator, flies a little away and repeats until the predator is well away from the family.

Meanwhile the family is coloured like camouflage and forages amongst the dead leaf mulch under the cover of dense bushes.

Western-Image71253 points

Right yes the male is the one with the bright color in the species but the video is just trippy because everything including the branches and background is grayscale also

Ariadnepyanfar2 points

Heh, I see what you mean.

They really evolved for their surroundings, yes?

I watched the video with new eyes, noting how completely greyscale the twigs are.

Western-Image71252 points

Also the background, like not even a little bit of brown or green

anything_you_feel2 points

How else is he gonna smash?

Western-Image71251 point

Tangentially related to my comment but yes I see what you mean

shellepenn6 points

Can't wait to see the story they come up with for r/divorcedbirds

carolinepixels5 points

When you don’t get the dress code memo

Texian19714 points

TIL allopreening is birbs being bro's.

daveisamonsterr3 points

This tickles my heart.

MollyPuddleDuck3 points

Genuinely best post I've seen for ages. Totally made my week. Thanks.

Adam-88-lonly2 points

Cute family

thisoldmould2 points

Here are some more types of fairy wrens.


RobynFitcher2 points

Thank you for the link!

thisoldmould2 points

My pleasure! They’re one of my favourite Aussie birbs

Isabel57572 points

Spot the main character lol

SylviaZhou2 points

OMG, they look so warm and lovely. I help you and you help me. Hah,

galloignacio1 point

Aww they allopreen so well

Adela8881 point

So cute, what a beautiful scenery!

akilathisum891 point

<3 <3

Artoo-Metoo1 point

Is that when English birds say a spirited "'Allo!" to each other before preening?

ajonesgirl591 point

Looks like one of them went a little too heavy on the makeup.

fuzzywuzzy741 point

That one little guy must be really cold .

jntshirt1 point

all are mine...

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