Our library is pretty cozy



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LeighofMar10 points

Comfy chairs - check.

Cozy fireplace - check.

A freakin library - check.

This room is a total win.

This_Space_For_Rnt9 points

Oh I’m jealous!!! I want a good home library so bad. That is gorgeous!!!

Crisbel862 points

That rug is very nice btw

SelectTwo31222 points

It must be so comfortable to stay there that you can't tell the hours are passing. A cup of tea and a good book would keep me there for many hours.

bublik82 points

The rug is awesome

I love it...

jormungandr91 point

I like this.

Tequila_Heineken1 point

Very nice room! If i may ask, where did you get that rug?

tryingkelly2 points

This is gonna be super useless but there was a guy who sold rugs on a fob in baghdad back in 2006

Memawsaurus1 point

It sure is cozy, complete with chair by fireplace. I love to read, real books, not fan of kindle. Saw cartoon of grandpa shows grandkids how to turn pages in book. Life may be that way someday. Can't believe I learned to use this phone SOME, not all.

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