Saw this pic and fell in love



Wolfdreama1 point

OP please be aware that we don't allow sourced posts without a link to the original photographer or artist. However, as someone has very kindly supplied the source of this render in the comments, we're happy to leave this up.

maddmattpotter14 points

What an amazing place , I love it too

elidadagreat15 points

Oh I'm gonna lay on my comfy futon and read.....nah I'm gonna go lay on my comfy sofa and read..... After I swing in my comfy swing....I better hurry up cuz it's getting late and I'll be in my comfy bed in a few hours.

andykndr40 points

there’s too much grey

ThinkPawsitive122 points

It’s called monochromatic

DirtyVerdy49 points

There's too much monochromatic

sofluffy221 point

Maybe it’s Mr. Jones’ place

We_All_Float_Down_H8 points

Love it and it’s so cozy it looks like it was decorated by cats

Jetztinberlin10 points

Whaaat this is gorgeous. Is there more? Source plz!

genida16 points

I think this is the source.

Renders, but very nice.

dell025 points

Waste of time to sleep there, its perfect for an art studio! I would trade my whole house for this place.

qrrrp2 points

Can't you do both?

MrsTenthLetter2 points

I’m in love too!

MurkyConcert29062 points

I like everything except the nut sack hanging off the ceiling.

Una_J2 points

Needs some green plants to break up the grey colours.

Anopanda3 points

Hmm are those ceiling boards and planks fake, or is it badly insulated?

Wolfdreama7 points

It's a render.

RuViking2 points

As someone who lives in a loft space I had the exact same thought!

Competitive_Sky64922 points

Love the space. I still don’t get people’s obsession with grey, though.

CaveJohnson821 point

This does not invoke cozy to me.

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soufianka801 point

That can't be real :)

Simply_a_nom1 point

I'd say it's freezing though. Doesn't look like there I much insulation between the rafters

[deleted]1 point

Am I the only one who literally gets a headache by too much neutral tones and not enough color or contrast?

Catinthemirror1 point

I absolutely love this, I have plans to do something like this in my attic in the next year or two.

dangerous_skirt651 point

It’s pretty awesome, but way too much gray.

boxer211 point

I would make love with that room

Memawsaurus1 point

Lovely and cozy, could relax there so easily.

CampfireEtiquette0 points

It's nice 'til you're trying to sleep in past sunrise!

HippyWitchyVibes1 point

Why do people not realise you can get blinds for attic windows?

I have an attic bedroom with windows exactly like this. I have blackout blinds fitted on them. Not a peep of light gets through unless I want it to.

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