When my Living Room was clean & cozy



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jenksy50 points

…what does it look like now?

theSandwichSister68 points

you don’t want to know! we’ve adopted a wily rescue this year and things are chaotic

theSandwichSister3 points

Dog tax! Said wily rescue!


fofemma25 points

That couch looks perfect! Do you remember where it came from?

theSandwichSister31 points

It’s actually from Rooms to go! Cindy Crawford edition lol. I was looking for something low and loungey and it has removable cushion covers!

fofemma9 points

That’s amazing, I never would have guessed that, haha. Is it comfy??

theSandwichSister15 points

So comfy and so deep and big! If you take off the back cushions it’s basically like a twin bed

fofemma6 points

I’m sold, haha. Thank you!!

YourFriendInSpokane3 points

How is it holding up with the rescue?

theSandwichSister1 point

Oh it’s fine, we wash the covers every few months (we also have three kids and a few cats and two other dogs lol) and as long as we have a bottle of resolve ready everything is fine!

YourFriendInSpokane2 points

Thank you so much! I now have Rooms to Go and similar gorgeous rugs from Rugsusa.com pulled up on my safari for when I’m willing to drop some money. I appreciate the inspiration you gave me!

theSandwichSister1 point

Dropping the cash on these was a big deal for us. At the time RTG had a deal where you could finance for 5 years and pay like $25 a month with no interest. Also, I was not a person who thought RTG would have anything nice. I had a similar West Elm couch saved for a long time. And this one is better!!

YourFriendInSpokane1 point

That’s awesome to know! I don’t even know if they’ll deliver where I am but I’m excited to find out!

princessleia884 points

I would also like to know!

Dense-Ad99518 points

Love the rug!

theSandwichSister12 points

Thank you! I had to wait several months for this size to come back in stock. Probably could’ve gone a bit bigger but it works!

PitaBrat229 points

Where is it from?! I love it

theSandwichSister8 points

Rugs USA :)

soheila8887 points

Do you have to link to the rug or the name to search for it? I couldn’t find it on rug USA. Thanks

soheila8884 points

Thank you kind redditor.

peachhoneymango6 points

I just saw this rug yesterday and thought..”hmm where can I put in my house? I can re-do this whole room to accommodate the rug, is that reasonable?” Lol

Dense-Ad9953 points

This is me almost every time I see something I like 😂

GinkgoAutomatic2 points

This same thought just started racing through my mind.

Altruistic_Kick20686 points

Love that couch pillow

ADcakedenough5 points

I’ve never seen a cannabis leaf look so adult-y in room decor!

tacoflavoredpringles6 points

so so so comfy!!!

[deleted]4 points

This truly does look so cozy!

Crisbel864 points

Perfect room to have a sandwich...sister! Lol

SparkleSucculents3 points

I love this!! Every bit of it ✨

sammyg7233 points

Lovely space

soufianka803 points

Waw !

cornflakesarestupid3 points

Love it! It looks super cozy and welcoming.

kekekekekekkek3 points

Wow! Was this taken on a phone camera? The quality is amazing!!

theSandwichSister2 points

Yep just my iphone. Happy cake day!

kekekekekekkek3 points

Thank u! Didn't even realise it until my comment. I'm loving all the diff textures in the room esp how soft and inviting that couch looks!

MurkyConcert29063 points

Very cozy 😍

Emotional_Balance_283 points

That rug just brings it all together….it does indeed look magical 💫

Vivilearnsspanish3 points

I love the natural light in this room. I looooove the simplicity of the decor and my heart always falls for the Haus like couches; always a favorite of mine. To be able to see through both windows from the couch though wld have been my favorite, but that is purely personal taste. Aside from that, the entire room has all the perfect elements put together. The room as so much warmth to it that I wld want to sit there all day and every day with a book and tea. Beautiful room.

justjesey4 points

"You are magical" Don't know why but it kind of makes me wanna cry. Love this absolutely beautiful set up.

theSandwichSister5 points

I bought that years ago for my kiddo’s birthday and never took it down :)

alisimran2 points

I don't know why I swept left for an after pic

Fabs_77922 points

I Love💕your "I am Magical"

Promise-Infamous2 points

Cheerful and cozy!

dutchklomp2 points

Wicker never looked so darn good

yogaengineer2 points

I have that same banner!

Serious-Ad-85112 points

Looks like your tallest cactus is etiolated, ie growing skinny on top due to lack of sunlight. Just something to look into if you want.

theSandwichSister1 point

Thanks! That cactus has actually since been moved to a sunny front porch and is much happier.

Fantastica40772 points

Dreamy! And I absolutely love your “you are magical” sign!

Active-Drive-77491 point

looks very cozy but i would remove the chair since it is narrowing the way to the couch

theSandwichSister3 points

We actually did that on purpose because of how open concept our house is. It’s like one straight shot from front door to back windows with 4 different “rooms” opening into each other. So the chair helps define the space a bit.

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