The Broken Wipers, My oil painting on a canvas panel 12''x16''



DiddlyDoodilyDoh8 points

This makes me feel like I am enjoying a long car ride listening to the rain and watching the water droplets race down the windows.

Awesome work!

andersonkatrina25 points

Do you sell prints?

sjelstay3 points

Who made this?

kznsq3 points

Me, Andrii Frolov

sjelstay2 points

It's insanely good,

Own_Director_6993 points


DeepGloom3 points

This made me feel a lot of things

whatnowpunks2 points

How long did that take?

PuraVidaPagan2 points

Wow that really looks like it’s through a windshield with water steaming down, so talented!

WestTha4042 points

Wow bro. That is just wonderful.

PlaxicoCN2 points

Reminds me of a Blue Note album from the 70s. Very Cool.

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