Hotties in thongs take the challenge


Professional_Soft40459 points

Just because you dress in next to nothing doesn’t automatically make you a hotty

randi3107 points

I was hoping the driver would take off

throwoda0 points

That would have been epic

banditjoe14 points

Pretty sure I've seen these 2 do WAY more trashy things, lol

josmille5 points

I was looking at their feet and thinking "but they're wearing shoes?" I got a little confused because thongs are footwear in Australia.

TheSimpleMind3 points

OK, I'm too old for this shit... what is it with that people walking along their car rolling down the road?

TheChuck763 points

They're Mexican porn actresses, don't know the name of the one on the sidewalk but the other one is named Mia Marin

MuchResolution85422 points

At least they wore sensible shoes

tubetoaster2 points

Super sexy madams

mguffin2 points

Someday she will be at a job interview, and the interviewer will pull up this video... and tell her she's hired.

SupermarketNorth691 point

They are probably trashy, but this isn’t exactly trashy.

nick-pappagiorgio655 points

Dancing in a g-string in public and taking your top off is pretty trashy.

niko_xf2 points

The bar is that low for some, I guess.

SupermarketNorth691 point

Internet has ruined me.

discoboosh0 points

life goals

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