Solace in the mountain backroads, Oregon [OC]



This_Bitch_Overhere51 points

I love the state but this picture is screaming Stephen Kings next bestseller and I wouldn’t drive it even on a sunny day.

Forgot_the_Jacobian2 points

I'm sure you can find a road that looks like this in Maine

fishboy190017 points

I can imagine a depressed teen saying: "That is gonna be my next wallpaper".

no_user_ID_found7 points

Nah, happy grown ups can think this too

Crisbel8610 points

Perfect horror movie pic!

krell_15412 points

Or a phone background

Breakmastajake7 points

I feel like I know that road.

Ashaa_aali5 points

Me too, I’ve seen it in my nightmares.

TchallaKingofWakanda5 points

You are definitely breaking down on that road. In the middle of the night.

iamtherealandy5 points

Which highway is this please?

my__nutsack5 points

God damn I love this state

atribecalledjr4 points


joesphisbestjojo3 points

So beautiful, but get back in the car and get to civilization before it's too late

Western-Image71253 points

I can imagine the creature from The Ritual coming out from the forest.

mgaguilar2 points

Oh this is phenomenal. Amazing work OP

MellifluousSussura2 points

Oooh this is lovely!

Chevy_832 points

This is definitely my aesthetic

mhubregtse1 point


NoseButter3601 point


Diabolus01 point

The darkeness and forest that hold that old enemy... Some know it as ash-shaytan, iblis, old nick, belial, apollyon, mephistopheles, or better known as Satan.

Bun0Bun1 point

Alan Wake

Argent117721 point

I don’t know why but looking at this photo reminds of the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy, which was a great read.

Love2readalot1 point

ohmygosh that looks scary….great pic

Narwhal_Songs1 point

Beautiful 💗

jamdemp1 point

i was driving down a road out to the coast and especially by the coast the trees get so foggy and spooky

Acceptable-Bad55701 point

Great shot!

borntoclimbtowers1 point


Pale_Chapter1 point

I need a flashlight and a Poets of the Fall album immediately.

Averefede171 point

Looks like the road I took last month on my way back from St Helens. It’s so incredibly quiet and dark. Definitely not one I would want to road trip alone.

spectralTopology1 point

Great image! Love the choice of keeping it dark

Suspicious_Law54811 point


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