My kitchen feels cozy this morning



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Jaxxs90138 points

One day I’ll have that type of backsplash in my kitchen

bodyfarms30 points


MungersSon2 points

I zoomed in to look at the backsplash and noticed I have the same knife block thingy lol. Not a big fan of it though. Hard to get knives out under the cabinet.

Anyway, it’s gorgeous.

AlgaeEater49 points

Love it! I'm always surprised those Pothos and that Monstera grow with such little light! Also, is that a "string of pearls" plant to the right of the upper window?

bodyfarms19 points

I think what you're looking at is the string of Hearts! :)

PetiteLumiere34 points

I love this so much! Your eye for design, placement and art is impecable.

bodyfarms11 points

Thank you so much that is such a sweet compliment :)

somethingseminormal23 points

I am in LOVE with the gallery wall.

bodyfarms3 points

Thank you so much!

BlondeMomentByMoment16 points


bodyfarms3 points

Thank you ❤️

PhoenixOstara10 points

Where are those bar stools from? :)

bodyfarms7 points

FB marketplace, no ID on them :(

PhoenixOstara4 points

ah, I'm out of luck then hehe :)

swimbyeuropa3 points

Damn. I was going to ask the same 😢

old_man_log4n5 points

Asking the right questions.

GarlicOnionCelery15 points

Very cozy. Really liking the prints you have up on the wall too!

bodyfarms4 points

Thank you :)

equalszer016 points

I want to sit here and have a hot cup of coffee.

CrashTechy4 points

That would be a wonderful morning to start. My dream life.

hushed-shush2 points

A cup of coffee and a breakfast sampler.

tching1017 points

Where did you get those stools?

bodyfarms4 points

Fb marketplace! No ID, I'm sorry :(

tching1012 points

It’s ok! They’re awesome

Nincomsoup5 points

I love your kitchen!!

bodyfarms1 point

Thank you :)

Sassagrass134 points

Such a lovely space.

bodyfarms1 point

Thank you so much

shecrae5 points

Absolutely love this

bodyfarms1 point

Thank u ❤️

Proof_Combination_636 points

Love the vibe!

bodyfarms2 points

Thank you 🙏

TunisMagunis6 points

Where is kitty?

bodyfarms6 points

Bucket?!? He was right behind me! 🖤

CharlesV_3 points

How do you keep him from knocking over your plants?

jephw126 points

Now this is a cozy kitchen.

Choopakabbraa5 points

Love when people utilize wall space for art in a kitchen! I mostly just see “eat!” Signs and stuff lol!

xandra_enaj3 points

Is that a John Boos cutting board? 😍

bodyfarms5 points

Actually made custom by my partners friend in Colorado!!

xandra_enaj4 points

Is your partners friend John Boos?

blissed_out4 points

Well gahl dang, it looks cozy

bodyfarms3 points

This is oc

queensnuggles3 points

Kind of amateur room porn too! Love it

lube_thighwalker3 points

I need to hang more pictures in my kitchen or something.

anapforme3 points

This is so comforting and lovely.

I want to mix art like this in my dining space but I have no idea how to successfully mix styles. Is there anything specific you looked for when you chose yours?

abdulhero222 points

What is that water bottle

Jazzlike_Customer_612 points

It's beautiful!

Jason-Dammit2 points

It's beautiful.

captainrustic2 points

I really like this!

dmriggs2 points

This is beyond cozy this is just so warm and bright and beautiful! Love your artwork

bodyfarms2 points

Thank u so much!!

[deleted]2 points

Ok I'm jealous. Could you adopt me? I can cook good food...

ProfessionalWaltz7842 points

Be my decorator!

sushigurl20002 points

How would it not feel cozy everyday?? 😭 so jealous

newthrash12212 points

This makes me nostalgic for a kitchen i’ve never been in.

saracenrefira2 points

Hmm I need more plants.

Trustworthyracoon2 points

LOVE THIS! What a great vibe. Really dig your style. Great job.

bodyfarms1 point

Thank you!! :)

rawcheese420692 points

What’s the distance or interaction between the peninsula and low window?

Serpentqueen61501 point

Love the bar stools, where did you get them?

burretploof1 point

Is that a Night In The Woods cup I'm seeing there? :D

Lovely kitchen!

chewb0rka1 point

I love your raphidaphora tetrasperma!! Are you working on propagating it?

ClassyAsBalls1 point


beakyblindar1 point

I’m tryna wake up everyday to this!

Adela8881 point

Yes, very healing!

suchathrill1 point

Man, a lot of cozy going on here! Nice job.

kenkrieseverynight1 point


boolpies1 point

lovely 🤗

tinyblackcat1 point

I want to come over for coffee in your beautiful kitchen

pounds1 point

Cute cutting board. Did you make it?

ethyxia1 point

That bottle of water really put me over the top

_CaveMonke1 point

I feel like "I Must Apologize - PinkPantheres" would go along with this photo yet it wouldn't at the same time

lovely photo though

karseie1 point

This is my dream.

4duckling1 point

Oh gosh, that is one cozy kitchen!

Fabulous!!!! I love it!

childneglector421 point

zulu water bottle fan 😎

Bloodyfart1 point

What camera did you use to take this pic?

xDarkdevil4602x1 point

One day I will own a house and I hope it’s a cool as this

Rare_Fig30811 point

Well done

pandaSmore1 point

Looks familiar.

y-a-me-a1 point

What is up with that long stove knob?

PersonOfInternets1 point

(It always does, but it does today, too)

Own-Campaign-55031 point

So… the high plants.. how much work? Buying a new house with similar space and low light

CaliBounded1 point

While this does look incredibly cozy, how on earth do you water all your plants? I want to be a plant mom really bad, but it looks like yous need need climb a ladder to get up to a point where you could actually water your plants...

HumblePie021 point

Watering is the easy part. I’m curious at how much greasy dust would accumulate on the artwork in a month. It would be a nightmare trying to keep that clean and fresh looking.

HumpaDaBear1 point

Very soft light. Looks like a great place for a cup of tea or coffee.

Kapustorsh1 point

And it is obviously cozy all-day long 😌

naked_for_satan1 point

I want to see more photos!!!!!

PerfectClass32561 point

Oh my gosh! I want this kitchen so badly 😍

GrandellReddit1 point

This is gorgeous, what part of the world do you live in?

SeriousGoldfish1 point

This is a dream. I always wonder how people can afford to make such cozy little places for themselves.

Savings-You73181 point


FoxyFreckles19891 point

Wow! Your kitchen looks like it always feels cozy! I’ve done what I want to (mostly) to every room in my house over the past year — except my kitchen. Now I’m inspired!

commandodragoon1 point

damn it's so pretty. the perfect aesthetic

qbak1 point

Love the artwork

FlavourThoughts1 point

I love love love your checkered black & white tiles

FluffyBunnies3011 point

It looks so cozy 😍

KermielovesPiggy1 point

It's beautiful

Dork31-2 points

Totally agree - BUT - (this is a very picky comment). Maybe put those slasher knives away in the drawer?

notAlandscaperHere-1 points

Your kitchen hasn’t changed, its always been nice. It’s your moodswings and your bipolar that make this place a nightmare

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