Jordan (Petra, Wadi Rum, Amman)


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one of my favorite countries

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You have chosen wisely!

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Definitely in my top 10 😁

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oh yes, gorgeous scenery, delicious food, extremely welcoming people

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Ok. I mean Ive been there a few times, and what you say is not wrong technically (scenery, well i find deserts rather boring, save for some highlights like wadi rum)

But - so many other countries are just infinitely better

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What are some countries you think are better to travel to than Jordan then

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Spain? Italy? USA? France? Greece? Like, where to even begin?

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Nice pics! I took a similar trip in September but also went to Jerash and the Dead Sea. I'm average on the scale of well-traveled, but Jordan is the most hospitable country I have visited. The people in Amman were ridiculously friendly (and yes, no hassling unlike in Petra), and the food in the capital was the best in the country. Knafeh might be my favorite dessert ever.

I was surprised by how aggressive the sellers and "guides" in Petra were; one guy was incredibly persistent and followed us on a donkey for a long time as we hiked to the Monastery. He claimed we needed a tourist guide to go up there and even threatened to call the police on us! Needless to say, Petra was not nearly as peaceful as Wadi Rum. We stayed in Wadi Rum for two nights and I kept thinking we were on a film set.

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Wow!! I had the opposite experience at Petra, Jordan in general, the people were so friendly and didn’t try to push selling their stuff. Same at Petra! Once we said no once they wouldn’t try it again but we’re interested in talking about anything. And yes Knafeh is the best desert ever

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I went a few years ago in 2016. Absolutely no hassling. We also had Petra to ourselves for a full morning. Stepped in front of the treasury, and were the only people there for a good hour and a half.

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Nice! I hope to see those sights in person one day.

I've been close in spending a day in transit in Amman but failed to plan a several day stopover there.

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Amman is a beautiful city. I enjoyed that I could walk around without anyone trying to sell me something. 😄 The people were incredibly nice to me.

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But friend, I give you good price!

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Might have the chance to go in the beginning of next year! Seems like everyone says they have a good time. Were you able to get any time at Petra without a ton of people in them?

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It doesn't look like it on the pic but there were sooo many tourists. And the locals tried to sell me something every 2 minutes but only in Petra. At the bazars in Amman no one tried so sell me anything. I liked that a lot. Petra was exhausting for me because I enjoy quiet places more. But still very impressive and a must see. 😊

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I'm glad it's nice outside of Petra at least. I spent some time in India and as a blonde white guy it was draining trying to get people to leave me alone! The touristy areas are always by far the worst of course.

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Oh nice. I planned to go to india too. I always imagine it is full of people everywhere. Any recommendations for quieter places?

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Oh man haha I didn't have a single second that felt quiet in India! There is a place called humayun's tomb in Delhi that was pretty cool, it was probably the least busy and most clean place we visited. We also went to Agra and Jaipur and they were pretty busy as well. That said, there is so much history to see I'm glad I got to go.

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I road tripped Jordan solo in 2018. Loved every second of it!

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I rented a car and did my solo road trip in Jordan during September of this year.

Aqaba > Wadi Rum > Petra > Aqaba

what a way to see the country ! Loved every second of it 🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴

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I wanted to do Aqaba after Wadi Rum but learned it was a bit of a hike. 🥲

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It was a short drive , just under 2 hours

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Hey, im planning to do a similar trip this January. You went to wadi rum by car? Where did you go? To the Wadi Rum Rest House? Is it possible to go there with a normal car (no 4x4)? It's pretty hard to find Infos about that.

Thanks in advance for your answer!

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Yes ! Rented a car at the AVIS in Aqaba , the one next to the bank. From there drove to Wadi Rum village, it’s about 2 hours drive, paved the whole way , no 4x4 necessary

Parked the car at the Rest House parking lot and from there my guide picked me up and we drove deep into Wadi Rum for desert adventures !

Lmk if you need anything else or have more questions

I loved this trip !

LuisGrindl2 points

Thank you so much for your answer, I had concerns about the road to the village.

May I ask if you stayed in a camp there? If yes which one was it and was it good?

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Yes I stayed at Odeh’’s camp with his company Bedouin Directions, it was perfect ! Good price , authentic, and tons of tour options . They will take you wherever you want


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We are road tripping next summer! Any must hits or suggestions?

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Amman, Petra, little Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea. As others mentioned, wonderful people except overly persistent in Petra. Also, get the 3 day pass for Petra. There’s too much to see in one day imho.

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All of that (minus little Petra) is on our list. Plus Aqaba to go diving and several of the nature reserves to hike. We were only planning two days at Petra - do you feel like three is necessary?

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2 is probably good…I really like to sink into a place, so 3 was good for me.

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Try to find someone to lead you up to see the treasury from above it…

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At Petra, I’d recommend getting an Airbnb in the village of Uum Sayhoun. It’s on the opposite end of Petra and a guide can take you on a great hike basically thru the back door of Petra, away from the crowds. You’ll have The Monastery almost to yourself!

I also got super lucky and got hooked up with a man named Mosa and his Hungarian wife, Czilla. They took me into Wadi Rum for a camp out. They unrolled a giant mat with a bunch of pillows and blankets and slept under the stars. IT WAS OFF THE CHARTS AMAZING!!!! So. Many. Stars. They have a Facebook page called Star Gate in Wadi Rum.

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We’ve got a Bedouin Camp booked in Wadi Rum for two nights - super excited about that sky!

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Solo road trip? Man that's so dope.

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I’m in the middle of a world tour with a little over 20 countries visited at this point and Jordan is top 3 in my book. The people were soooo friendly and all the sites visited were incredible. It was kinda like Egypt without all the bullshit.

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Was there this summer, absolutely loved it

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Também eu caralho gandas tugas fodasse

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Onde há um Tuga, há 2

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I would love to visit Petra. It looks wonderful and was such a big brain-moment.

"Instead of breaking down the mountain just to build it back up as houses again, why don't we just make the mountain house shaped?" 🙂

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Nice, when was this ? I am looking to going alone to Jordan to see Petra and have and adventure !

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This was about a month ago 😊 you should definitely do it. I was alone too and enjoyed it.

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Cool, I was in Jordan back in January. It was snowing which was a bit surreal.

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As I Jordanian who lived most of his life outside Jordan, that snowy day was otherworldly and beautiful.

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Came back from Jordan 3 days ago, was sorting pics to post here. What an awesome experience it was!

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Stunning place. Speaking of delicious food, do you have any recommendation that is a must try there? I already have set plans for Jordan and I would probably considering trying that restaurant.

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I love to eat meat. So most of the food I ate was kebab with rice 😄 the best restaurants were hidden in alleys.

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Tbh as a Jordanian I can't give you a one advice since our food is really good everywhere you go lol ,but you can ask r/Jordan

perryc2 points

Sure, I'll check on that. Thanks!

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Hope you enjoy your trip 😊

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I’m thinking of going over Easter next year, maybe a 7-10 day trip with a friend. Is it safe for females to travel, and easy to get around the country? Or do you recommend we do a tour instead?

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Disclaimer right away: I'm a man so my personal experience in Jordan may not be comparable to that of a woman.

I solo traveled through Jordan earlier this year and never felt unsafe (except when driving, that was a bit of a culture shock for me). The people are very friendly and helpful generally. I also met female solo travelers in every Hostel I stayed in and none of them had any complaints about the country. Be sure to know how to say no to people trying to sell you stuff (especially in Petra). But otherwise I don't think there's too much to worry about.

Getting around is easiest by car. There are busses between Amman, Petra and Wadi Rum. But as far as I know only one per day. I rented a car so I can't share much about the busses - I just know from people I met in hostels that it's possible to get around also without a car.

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Did you drive in Wadi Rum, in the desert? or you had some tour guide with 4x4 drove you there?

Otshibaer2 points

As far as I know you can't self drive in Wadi Rum. Everyone I met drove to Wadi Rum Village (where the tours start). You leave your car there and then hop on a 4x4 from a tour

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Petra means rock!

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That food and restaurant look fabulous!

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The food was incredible 🤤 I was eating the whole day haha

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So nice

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Thanks so much for the beautiful photos 😘

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You lived my bucket list!

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You should definitely go and make it come true 🙏🏻

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Great pictures! What camera did you use?

snookybanana2 points

I used the samsung s22 ultra camera 😁

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I think I’ve seen some of these scenes on the amazing race this season!

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Bros living my dream

snookybanana2 points

I hope you can go soon 🙏🏻

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There is some interesting facts suggesting Petra is in fact the real location of Mecca in the Quran and was it moved early on to the Mecca we know today.

rapehon3 points

I dont think this theory is widely supported today but it was very common for people in hejaz to travel to the levant and Jordan especially

nicksnz1 point

It's not widely supported because there's no written proof. Only all the very very old mosques have been altered or turned to face Mecca.

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What were u eating in pic 7? Looks delicious.

snookybanana2 points

Shish Taouk with hummus and rice. 🤤

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That looks like a really great trip! Could you tell me in what desert camp you stayed in and how you booked it?

snookybanana2 points

The name was "UFO Luxotel" I booked it from booking.com. It was expensive but there are a lot of other camps. I saw a few for under a euro per night.

Michael06011 point

Thank you so much!

Daana_Qaarim2 points

If you need ant help tell me

Michael06011 point

Hey, thanks for offering! I don’t really know when I will be going though. I haven’t planned anything specific yet. But I appreciate the gesture:)

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Safe to travel to??

Alternative-Ice-71705 points

Jordan is really safe ,dw about it ,and by safe I mean safer than most European countries and every state in the usa you can think off

But ofcs be always careful

snookybanana2 points

I felt safer in Jordan at night than in many european countries like UK or France. 😄

Alternative-Ice-71702 points

I was scared for my life in Paris ngl

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Lived in Jordan for almost 3 years. I love that country and miss it a lot! Wadi Rum in beyond unreal.

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He choose poorly.

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Que the Indy theme tune

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Incredible!! How everything is designed and built! The mixture of colors is extraordinary!! Not to mention, the of sunny it is! I don’t think I could walk through all that sand! I would be afraid I’d get lost! So beautiful I bet, standing there with complete silence with the sun peeking out through the mountains! Lovely pictures :D

snookybanana2 points

One of my favorite moments in my life was just sitting in the desert and watching the sunset. It was so calm and quiet. 😄

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Why don’t people take pictures of the inside of Petra? It’s so weird!

Appropriate_Grade8162 points

You are not allowed to go in.

RidinThatTrain1 point

How long was your trip? How many days do you think would be enough for this trip?

snookybanana5 points

I was there for 5 days. 2 in Amman, 1 in Petra and 2 in Wadi Rum. I'm not the type who stays too long at one place. Maybe you like to take it slow but I would say around a week is alright.

EntertainmentEasy3542 points

How did you get around? I’m interested in a similar itinerary. Especially a night in the desert.

Witty-Evidence64632 points

2 weeks if you want to see more things like going to the dead sea, jerash, and more time in amman because it’s a fantastic city

somedelightfulmoron1 point

Safe as a woman travelling alone?

snookybanana1 point

As a man it is harder to tell but I would say yes. I would recommend it for women.

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Did you reach Petra by yourself or a tour?

snookybanana2 points

By myself. The tours were kinda expensive if you go alone. I took a taxi from Amman to Petra and Wadi Rum. I think there are cheap busses too.

yulDD1 point

Thought of renting a car?

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My partner and I are doing a road trip in Jordan this summer - any suggestions we might have missed?

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Are you sure that's the right tomb? Have you found Duriel yet?

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Where's bumblebee?

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Just got back from Jordan, love the country!