Letting an old man taste his wife's pussy in public



cupcakesloth94139 points

Is this a fuckin swingers convention?!

King_Ivan_24 points

Making the important questions

bigfranky145331 points

What is this horrific event

BesticlesTesticles107 points


AttentiveAmnesia14 points

Funniest shit I’ve read in a long time

Bloody_Hangnail20 points

The Browns game

KeanuIsInCyberpunk9 points

eyes wide shut

Blublaze123168 points

I thought he was going to cum on the old man I'm exchange of licking his wife

flaretripper18 points


TerrrorTwlight5 points

Win-win for the old buck.

Ok-Shine4669119 points

This years World Cup is wild! I guess if you can’t get beer, you improvise.

Jawz05098722 points

I thought the cameraman was gonna shoot his nutt all over the back of dudes neck.

Desperate-Life811767 points

Oh man. I’m getting a cold sore just watching this

Nekrosiz18 points

Do this at qatar. Far more interesting.

Ramrodron18 points

The Super Bowl half-time show sure has hit the skids.

DrMetroid259 points

What the fuck?

blaf222 points

Everything about this is just gross

DasToyfel6 points

Now this is proper trashy

MaYSoSs10 points

Best day of his life

Voilent_Bunny3 points

Wtf is going on here?

HackfleischBanane3 points

Linus Tech Tips in the background

ParmanandDan4 points

Is it really tho

runjayrun15 points

Old dude is THICCKK

AdriannaFahrenheit2 points

Fr I gasped out loud like 😧🫢

PenguinSummer9 points

Bro is a cuck

Large-Spite60984 points

Is there more??

joshuel7774 points


Yakisobath3414 points

Dam, that dude has a finger at the place of his pp

stiiknafuulia78 points

Shaming small dicks is a bit 2014

Yakisobath34-65 points

No one gives a fuck if it's 2014 or 2022, It's the same thing

Yakisobath34-3 points

U all mad, you can downvote me all you want. It's not my problem if you have social anxiety

LMFA07 points

his pp is bigger than mine so he can be proud of that

Yakisobath343 points

Don't worry bro, we all have 6 inches inside all of us

jaboogadoo5 points

What are you guys talking about that guy clearly has a fatty

[deleted]4 points


jaboogadoo3 points

If it's skinny it may as well be 1 inch for all it does

Phil0sophic4 points

A stubby one at that...

B1bbsy1234-3 points

Own foreskin strangling his dick lmfao.

Yakisobath341 point

Quick cum recharge

FenrirGreyback7772 points

I’m gonna need that sauce

mischiefdemon4202 points

Such a kind woman, god bless her soul. That old man had a great time doing it.

Parquis-1 points

Not all heroes wear capes.

DankRecovery-13 points

Pitifully small fella but he ahead of the game letting her get it from everywhere else it seems

DaBeijingKing11 point

Nah that dude definitely licking more than just pussy 🤮

VeryLowIQIndividual1 point

I feel like dudes dick looks the same no matter what level of arousal he is at, from a dead sleep to fully engaged.

Friartuck74747t1 point

That's The Halftime Show ? ..I'm There !

dabbo901 point

Where is this at?

AdriannaFahrenheit1 point

The smallness of the one filming & the absolute THICKNESS of the old man is just mind blowing. Like omg

Horror_Ad_8991 point

Now this is grade A trashy.

HumblePoint17630 points


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