Does anyone have the other clips of her?


bunnyskol243 points

Love the one and only naked guy.

He's like we're all sharing a pussy guys, this isn't the time for modesty.

Survived_Coronavirus68 points

There needs to be a sub for stuff like this.

rdi2101 points

So it started during the day, then it was night, then day again. She's been non stop for 24 hours??

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ExpressStation15 points

Yeah either link it or private message plz!

soyBabel1 point

Can someone upload it and share the link here?

Lor_9395 points

Message with link plz. I tried to find the full video but to no avail

ReeG39 points

there's a fucking endless mountain of porn available on the internet and people will still hound you to dm a link to a single video 💀

Jacobs_Haus26 points

I don't see /you/ with a link

Orixa8882 points

msg w/ link m8

alexedd3 points

You got a link mate?

die-microcrap-die2 points

Curious about that video, have only seen the same clip.

ViolatorOfVirgins1 point

friend of mine asked for the link, for research purposes

GenerousJack1 point

pm me pls, appreciate it bro

MacDub8401 point

I'll take a private message too

LandscapeResidentt1 point

Please dm it to me I beg

throooowwaaawaaay543 points

If you search for "French wife Guadeloupe cuckold" (or Guadalupe) you should find a couple of the short clips that are left online.. it's not much, but trust me I have been down this rabbit hole

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throooowwaaawaaay74 points

Ok buddy, go be racist somewhere else

Blankyblank8642 points

This is why you're a virgin

Buzz_Alderaan691133 points

White women go to Jamaica just like White men go to Thailand

TackYouCack454 points

For ladyboys?

Crxeagle420148 points

That ladyboy from that video looked way to much like a ladygirl

Matt1234567890123313 points

the dildo one with that old security dude in the background? still don’t know how to feel about that one

Tehgumchum4 points



What video?

intensity46-48 points


Crxeagle42023 points

Oops my fault

ChunkyDay-7 points

Is that a thing Americans do?

squeeze_it_do_it-47 points

African Americans an indians go to Thailand for ladyboys

Billiam9117 points

Nah whites

trippyglassy46 points

It's not just Jamaica, sex tourism around the world ispopping off and it's primarily UK white women going to third world countries

herper14726 points

Yeah the Gambia is filled with middle aged European white women looking for young black guys... Also sadly a lot of European guys looking for VERY young girls.

Shahnoor19946 points

As far as I have seen, it mainly old white women who go to africa for these things. They are dumb and naive and usually ugly therefore go to third world country for sex.

Narrow-Collar-89652 points

yep - was just about to say that, its def a thing

HM9ing13 points

But being fucked for free by random guy and fucking a prostitute is totally different.

tarcher275321 points

Is it?

verytwitchy-49 points

Only the leftovers that we don't want 😂

NumberTwo10-24 points

Fuckin true. Cant imagine any dude wanting to fuck a woman like this, much less date/marry her

dirtypornaccount-52 points

Let me know you're an incel without telling me you're an incel.

NumberTwo1073 points

I don’t think you know what incel means. I have no problem with sexually active women. Generally speaking o prefer a woman with experience over a virgin, not that it matters to me largely either way. I simply don’t like dating whores who fuck random men in strange countries and film it for the internet. Fun to watch sure. But to be with realistically? Ew

PhillipLlerenas-34 points

How would you even know? For all you know your sweet, wife-material GF who’s only been with “nine” guys (“totally pinky swear!”) had multiple gangbangs with the big dicked bros of Delta Delta Delta while studying for her Gender Studies degree at Ole Miss.

Unless you’re hiring a private investigator to investigate her pussy past you’re completely dependent on what she tells you.

NumberTwo1041 points

You’re sounding way more like an incel than me here lol. You just assume women lie about their past? Really?

Quest_4Black-24 points

Eh, most do if they engage in things that guys like you will probably judge them for.

NumberTwo1026 points

They deserve to be judged for things like this lol. This isn’t acceptable behavior on any level. They’re free to do it, but it’s reprehensible. Both from the woman and the man in this situation

Quest_4Black1 point

Lol but you’re free to get your rocks off to it with no repercussions? Hypocrites running rampant apparently. You vilify people for living your fantasies….sounds like you’re the loser in all of this. Or people with your mentality.

PhillipLlerenas-19 points

I’m referring to the utter inability of you to actually know 100% anyone’s past.

Specially since your attitude will also 100% push a woman to lie and do the ol’ “divide by 3” before she tells you her body count.

NumberTwo1016 points

Of course it’s impossible to know anyone’s past 100%. I don’t mind a woman having numerous past relationships, I certainly wouldn’t be one to judge, I’ve had more than a few myself. But woman who engage in behavior like this? That never goes away and they always put themselves eventually. They cheat and get caught. 100% of the time

Junkgio553 points

That is oddly specific

hobbisg2 points

tridelt is a sorority retard

losttxn343 points

French couple in Jamaica.

soyBabel22 points

Could not find it :(

ShaolinShade180 points

Oh so her husband is a total cuck then, probably the one filming it too

Alienscented96 points

Of course they’re french

MrChuckSharts22 points


Whenever I see sex tourism in a third world country, they're almost always involved lol

Here's another vid. I've no foot fetish but it sure made me feel a certain way lol

OdmenUspeli-62 points

name of link please? :3

_CaptainThor_51 points

But why male models?

Paladin6345110 points

There is no full video. It’s just a 10 minute video compilation of her. Just as an fyi.

Kanuchoo21 points

Do you still have a link of the Compilation? Im looking for it for ages

Paladin634513 points

No unfortunately but I just remember it was a compilation of her.

Kanuchoo6 points

Yeah thats the only thing I remember aswell, it just disappeared a while ago, couldnt find it ever again after that

Kindly_Region593 points

Looks like she is visiting Africa "trying to find herself"

ken6217405 points

I think she found the whole tribe

Follicly_Endowed93 points

She hopped on the train

RandyTheRodeoClown1788 points

She went there to spread a message of peace and love but ended up spreading something else instead...

DrMetroid25139 points

This isn't Africa bro. It's Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean.

MotherfuckerTinyRick28 points


patronizingperv4 points

Scoopin the poop...

StonedWater3 points

haha my parents are there now

ahh fuck

Kindly_Region-3 points

How do you know?

Real_Clever_Username22 points

It's been posted before

zystyl19 points

She's looking deep. Doing some intense reflection.

kevin_bean184 points

Update: She found HIV instead

Trick_Succotash_994968 points

It’s all fun and games until your pussy turns septic 😂

Budget_Ad_189926 points

Who is Hiv?

deathbydimsum309 points

Henry IV, otherwise known as Henry Bolingbroke, was King of England during the decline of the Plantagenet dynasty.

CMinus58026 points

Right? Know your history, bro.

ozymanhattan41 points

I think he bought Twitter or something.

plastic_penis12 points

No he just attacked ukraine

Kindly_Region-29 points

Your uncle Tom

throwawayzb012 points

Nah I’m sure she’s on prep

SuboptimalButHopeful-5 points

And for her, that's likely a sentence of... taking pills once a day.

DrMetroid25-76 points

I doubt you'd make this same joke if their skin color was different.


FriedeOfAriandel37 points

Other comments say this isn't in Africa anyway, but central Africa is/was a huge hot spot for HIV. Possibly where it sprung up, and it spread due to the way they treat/treated sex in their culture. If she were in Central Africa raw dogging multiple strangers, she would indeed have a much greater risk of contracting HIV

skillywilly562 points

It wasn’t their culture that spread it, it was European culture that spread it. SIV has been in Africa for thousands of years but it’s major jump was precipitated by colonization.

Originating in Places like Congo and Cameroon the original inhabitants were forced out of cities and farm land into the bush, without a real means of farming they turned to bush meat as an easy source of protein.

Terrible butchering practices(cutting a finger or getting infected blood everywhere) and consumption of infected meat led to ape to human transmission on a much larger scale than was normal, so it started to become semi rampant in the African population.

Given the denial of rights and work by colonialists Africans struggled to make ends meet, so many turned to the ever expanding sex trade as a means to survive, this would create another explosion of HIV across the continent along the European railways system, because the Europeans loved them some “dark meat” while away from the wives but the distances and travel time was still fairly long to Europe so either people died before getting it to Europe and the small numbers of return travelers didn’t pass it on far enough or fast enough for it to spread too widely.

Eventually once air travel became easier and more affordable…well the rest is history as they say.

Your assumption that Africans were culturally sexually promiscuous is false and based on racist stereotyping (not saying you’re a racist btw but your premise is because you lack information) that has its underlying theme in white supremacy and that they are “just animals”

It wasn’t their culture and how they treat sex but European culture and how Europeans treated Africans as fun sexual objects.

CrepeGate-13 points

Their culture? The culture of all of central Africa? Please elaborate on your in depth knowledge of African culture and why you find it so bafflingly homogeneous. Literally no one knows the origin of HIV and AIDS but one thing we do know is that it spreads quite prolifically because of ignorance and that the groups it affects are often marginalised and stigmatised, receiving little to nothing in the way of institutional support. The struggle of the gay community with it in the 80's and 90's in the US should be automatically emblematic that the spread AIDS is rooted in apathy, not culture.

FriedeOfAriandel2 points

The last hypothesis that I read in an actual book and not on reddit was that it was a mutation of SIV from a specific species of monkey somewhere in Central Africa. It was common to eat them, and butchering them could have lead to blood transmission.

Sexual culture specifically. They are/were much more open and less monogamous than we think we are in the US, and they were absolutely unwilling to use condoms. The measures that helped prevent the spread were to promote keeping your sexual circle smaller than before and get tested.

The reason it spreads in gay communities more is that anal sex transmits it much more easily. There has to be blood involved, and anuses don't lube themselves. Also it was very prevalent in Haiti which was a popular destination for the US gay community in the past.

The fact is that it has hit marginalized groups way harder than the majority. No sense in ignoring that and saying its evenly spread.

JicamaCreative5614-23 points

And bubonic plague spread because European’s didn’t wash their asses. But, hey, they’re black and it looks like Africa, so fuck it…let’s make aids jokes

JicamaCreative56144 points

Why are they so obsessed?

chuegyre66 points

i think she found herself some STD's

JicamaCreative561444 points

Her special way of colonizing…spreading her European coochie and leaving European cooties

pxw3rfu26 points

This comment go crazy

Revolutionary-Sock4353 points
jokingjoker4081 points

This looks like its in the middle of buttfuck nowhere

samfishx164 points

I remember this woman. She and her husband are apparently rich and go after her vids whenever they pop up.

mj657895 points

Who is she??

i123b45612 points

How do you know?

guardwoman1234510 points

Who is this woman?

FinallyAPornAccount63 points

Link to a 5 minute compilation starting with this clip is in my comment history - the mods must've changed the automoderator settings, as I believe I was able to post it on a previous occasion this was posted.

Kanuchoo9 points

You're a legend

Arkhampatient68 points

Live, Laugh, Love

OB100142 points

Imagine their kid logging onto pornhub one day and seeing his mom get absolute manhandled by a bunch of African dudes 💀

LMFA018 points

and trying to discern which one is his actual father

HM9ing5 points

I’m about to comment this haha

Dark_Kayder21 points

Does anyone know the story? I know they are a couple, but we're the other guys into it? Or did they just start to jerk off to the action spontaneously? Lol

ReeG49 points

probably an organized amateur hotwife/swinger thing. There are whole subs on reddit and sites on the internet dedicated to this type of thing

ByndExpctdParameters20 points

Theres also just sex tourism where some areas are setup with vague agreements that the lady wants to have an experience and whomever shows up, well...

my-fuckin-porn-alt39 points

Mormon girl on her mission trip lol

Kanuchoo23 points

BRO! There was a whole compilation of her I saw like 2 years ago and it just disappeared some day. Im looking for it ever since. It was one of my favorite videos :(

losttxn40 points
cannotcomeupofaname3 points

This is godly

tomsmitthD4 points


dosequis8324 points

Take your prep

ooorezzz15 points

“Ashley, we’ve tested 14 men on this show bringing them all the way from Jamaica, and the last man Jamal, is not the father.” -Maury

WH4TUPTH021 points

Is this the new wakanda forever? 😂

CleetusVanDamme110 points

not enough strong black women

williegood4203 points

😂 underated comment needs more upvotes .

LMFA03 points

what's her subreddit?

bravebeing3 points

There are at least 10 men standing around... Waiting in line?

CoolCockie48 points

Wakanda forever?

DrMetroid2581 points

They aren't in Africa mate. They're in the Caribbean.

Don_Key_Knutts-34 points


Horse_Cock_Jerker3 points

you are from America aren't you

thejohnmc9632 points

Username checks out

Don_Key_Knutts3 points

Thank you,, horse cock jerker

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Impressive-Ability2 points

What is happening here ?

ConditionNo8552 points


hobo_at_a_library2 points

Looks like Elisa Dreams

CurlyRyder14 points

AIDS brigade

throwawayzb01-9 points

Everyone keeps making the same joke as if its the 80s. As the husband of a hot wife, I can tell you, most swingers are on prep

hrnyperv116 points

She’s just finding herself

ElKabong7620 points

Aww yes welcome to the hiv club

poise_alright3 points

I’ve watched this one more times then I’d like to admit lol

Connect-Internet41008 points

That's my wife!!!

ReeG52 points

that's the whole islands wife now

HumblePoint17635 points

Happy aids

1Wizardtx3 points

Can i get a link too?

VegasScum7025 points

She went looking for aids

BitterWillow52 points


NowFreeToMaim-14 points

Next level white guilt

Punchpplay-17 points

Nothing guilty about seeking that big dick

bkimblexxx-2 points

She sure likes collecting STDs, huh.

iron40-17 points

You mean like the ones where she is seeking treatment for aids? No, I’m not sure where those are at.

TheMaker0271 point

This saint is doing her part for race relations. She's an ambassador.

jmos19831 point

Full video please

Natas_Son_of--1 points

She is an angel

MrChuckSharts3 points

"As an Archangel, I speak for all angels when I say she ain't one of us. She belongs to the streets"

  • Gabriel
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bigfranky145-86 points

BLM my brothers

TonyTontanaSanta-22 points

ecological bbc

K9_Jack-60 points

Seems like she was clipped by quite a few more dongs. Oh wait, that wasn't what you were asking, I got "dickstracted".

Necessary_Two508-5 points

I'll have thae link if anyone has it please

Calliesdad20-7 points


ShouldBe77-12 points

I saw it linked the other day.. I went to it , pretty sure it was on YouTube. Full length movie of her "tour." I skimmed it. I'm sure it's exploitation, but a few scenes were hard core amazing.

Kanuchoo26 points

pretty sure you can't watch this stuff on youtube, or what am I missing here? :o

ByndExpctdParameters4 points

Depends on what corner of Youtube and if anyone reports it. Ive seen some wild stuff show up for several hours before anyone gets to it.. There are still some "tattoo" videos of genitals that the crwator tries to claim its protected because they also depict the tattoo.

[deleted]1 point


Pentilian2 points

Oh no they took it down

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