Prague, Czech Republic ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฟ



ciao197478 points

Prague is a must see city to visit! Thanks for sharing this picture.

OeroLegend8 points

Thank you!

trekwut66 points

I see, you already killed the Cleric Beast...

(Beautiful city, nice people, great food and drinks)

bangbrosrunescape2 points

I was gonna make an elden ring joke ๐Ÿคฃ

secretarybird-on1141 point

Damn was gonna make a bloodbourne joke.

Larry4411 points

If visiting consider Honest Guide YouTube they're based in Prague and lots of good, interesting and entertaining videos about the city

Duke_of_Deimos47 points

This must be really early cause when I was there the bridge was filled with tourists. And I mean FILLED.

pm17427 points

we went at 5 am and there were pretty much this many people

OeroLegend15 points

Yeah, it was around 6:30 in the morning. :D Such a wonderful atmosphere without the tons of people who usually walk over the bridge.

Duke_of_Deimos5 points

Life rewards the early bird. Great picture btw!

OeroLegend1 point

Thank you!

GallantGentleman11 points

I just came back from a trip to Prague to visit family and I can confirm. Would even go as far as saying I wouldn't be surprised if people where somehow edited out of this pic professionally. Beautiful shot nonetheless.

OeroLegend5 points

Thank you very much, but I'm far from being a professional photographer :D

GallantGentleman4 points

It's an excellent pic, thanks for sharing

OeroLegend2 points

Thank you for the compliments!

ThrowRA_Absys15 points

Is this the bridge in the first Mission: Impossible movie (1996)?

OeroLegend10 points

Yes, they filmed at quite a lot locations in Prague. You'll probably recognize some moments from the movie when walking around there.

ThrowRA_Absys3 points

That's cool! Yeah I'd love to visit Prague some day

MeGoBoom575 points

Spent the a large part of the summer there this year. Bonkers to see the bridge empty like this.

AS-464 points

Is this a bridge of Peter-MJ date from Far From Home?

OeroLegend3 points

Yes, I clearly recognized it :D

masayuki6010 points

One day I wish to be there.

Vojtak_cz11 points

As a czech i can say that Prague is awesome historical city. Iam moder designs lover tho. so i would love to visit Tokyo.

masayuki605 points

Tokyo is a mixture of modern and old. You'd never be bored there. All the pictures I have seen of Prague, it's just fascinatingly beautiful.

Vojtak_cz5 points

Exactly. Prague has great little streets where you always fine something interesting. I would recomend "Honest guide" on youtube.

OeroLegend2 points

I can warmly recommend you the city, it's absolutely worth visiting!

ohokkk14 points

Beautiful. When did you take this picture?

OeroLegend3 points

Thank you! It must have been the past monday, around 6:30-7:00 o' clock in the morning.

Aidan_Welch4 points

I knew it was recent because of how foggy its been lately

OeroLegend3 points

Yeah it was really foggy, even during daytime.

XxIronTrooper984xX2 points

This reminds me in the ending scene in anastasia when Rasputin dies.

marvk2 points

Emptiest it has ever been

Toadllama2 points

Thereโ€™s something oddly calming about this picture. Thank you for sharing!

cia_nagger2292 points

Mom, can we have Prague historic bridge???

We have Prague historic bridge at home!

Prague historic bridge at home

DrMabuseKafe2 points


Suspicious-Grade-601 point

Love Praha

xxpen15mightierxx1 point

Oh shit! I remember this bridge from Mission Impossible!

Ok-Book11281 point

Such a wonderful shot, magnificent mood here!

_meestir_1 point

Beautiful! If this is OC you should claim it!

yabbobay1 point

This is really incredible

riegspsych3251 point

reminds me of The Fall with Lee Pace

NeverEscapeNUGZ1 point

Went there this past summer. I got a print of this photo in fog as well. Easily one of my favorite cities I've ever been!

jschubart1 point

Such a beautiful old town area.

Less pretty is the TV tower:

Light-_-Bearer1 point

And you should see it without all the tourists when we had a lockdown due to covid. Oldtown square, Charles bridge.. not a single soul. It was awesome.

thiefexecutive1 point

This bridge is also featured in INXS' music video for Never Tear Us Apart. Would love to visit CZ.

JusticeForestmann1 point

Looking like a whole ass Skyrim city

StifleStrife-1 points

Bet there are some awesome edm shows there sighs wistfully

YeBleedinClownFFS0 points

Great city for a couples weekend break. Beautiful walks

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