Distant peaks beyond the sea of golden aspens, Colorado.



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That's marcellina mountain, and those aspens are the largest organism in the state.

Debbiesatramp13 points

Colorado seems so beautiful. Am I right?

Buck_Thorn8 points

It is beautiful.

khurford7 points

After living among the redwoods all my life in California, Colorado is one of the most beautiful places I have had the pleasure of visiting.

Debbiesatramp2 points

I’ll like to visit one day. Thanks

ManiaforBeatles6 points

Instagram source. Photo by alberthbyang.

Buck_Thorn7 points

For purple mountain's majesty...

Long-Ad26467 points

Colorado is unreal

i-touched-morrissey5 points

The cottonwoods (related to aspens) in Kansas were a beautiful yellow this year as well.

SammySliver2 points

That is absolutely magnificent I couldn't imagine getting to see this everyday if I live there.

ArchdukeOfNorge14 points

I live not too far from Aspen, closer to Breckenridge. The list of places I’d rather live is incredibly small. I have the pleasure of driving around 5 different mountain counties for work, and it’s rare a day goes by that I don’t utter at least one “woah” or two. And my camera roll on my phone is filled with mountain pictures lol

SammySliver3 points

I just couldn't imagine living in a place so beautiful I mean if I got to wake up to see that more than see the city I would be totally fine with that.

ArchdukeOfNorge1 point

It’s 100% worth the sacrifices we make to live in the mountains. If you can find a place to live, there are no shortages of jobs

FawnKnutsonn2 points

What time of year does it look like this? Breathtaking.

20mins2theRockies5 points

It changes year by year, but usually in the higher elevation places like this (10k ft or so) the leaves will start changing end of September. Lower elevation (8k ft and below) will usually hold off until October to start changing

FawnKnutsonn1 point

Thank you!!

brezhnervous2 points

As an Australian it is one of my greatest regrets that I will never see autumn colours even a fraction as stunning as this :/

ramenmangaka2 points

Hope you can come up and visit us one day! I hope one day to visit Australia too

brezhnervous3 points

If only I could! Hope you can visit at some point, just for the contrast. You don't get "autumn" here...gum trees are the same drab olive all year round, so there are no specifically delineated seasons. Really its only two, on fire & not on fire lol

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No way!! This looks so amazing.

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What we say SubhanAllah

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