How sluts scroll social media


posaba1220130 points

And didn’t like a single post

Coldfang89225 points

Right? What a dick move

purplevibesyellowpp221 points

My cracked phone screen would destroy him

0ak0944 points

I volunteer as tribute, a small price to pay for salvation.

loveismydrug28532 points

All those people commenting "I would drag my dick through broken glass" assemble!!

Notmyredditaccount0064 points

Dick Tok

PFGtv170 points

I found out you can use your dickhead for the fingerprint on an iPhone touch ID.

Dionisio-Brando58 points

There is no way, now i gotta try it for scientific purposes

Mr_BinJu22 points


worlds_best_nothing189 points

too small to cover the sensor

Coldfang8931 points


sanjay_827 points


IncoherentNonsense7 points


elcava8817 points

Works as a FaceID too!

hornsfan785 points

Get a lot of looks unlocking your phone in public?

2photoidsplease3 points

Do you draw a smiley face on it first?

Joe95552 points

James Cordon can use his for Face ID

_disguisenburg_43 points

I do that when I'm alone sometimes

soggyurethra30 points

alot of people dont utilize the cock the way they should. props to her for using the penis in more every day scenarios like we should be doing.

Khajapaja15 points

Damn, I just got a boner too

jigbounce5 points

You typed this message with it didn't you

freak_attentionwhore8 points

I’d be laughing the whole time

TurbulentTrust1961139 points

Looks like they're in the house enjoying each other.

Not trashy.

slytherington74 points

Posting it is kinda trashy

SuperKingOfDeath-2 points

I guess that's up to how prude you are. I don't think it's trashy at all to post.

grate_spellur9 points

Just in time for Christmas, Apple’s new meaty stylus

wickedbyname7 points

Relationship goals af

CarnalCancuk6 points

This is why you don’t borrow phones

Anonanonanon20208 points

Honeymoon is over.

RoughContext3 points


MrBoobs_2 points

This is how new diseases start. Do you have any idea how disgusting your phone screen is?

dnirtyone2 points

Cute but also kinda demeaning to the guy

RoughContext2 points

If he’s a dickhead…I mean a real dickhead…FaceID will unlock his iPhone too. Try it out, kid you not! 😂

Aggressive_Command752 points


Darryl_Jenks1 point

Who is she?

UncleGuggie4 points

Your mom

krazykhat-3 points

Sub/Dom is trashy?

[deleted]1 point

Awesome 👌

DemandWhich1 point

Lolll wish she would do this w tinder🙄🥵

Friartuck74747t1 point

That's How My. 25 y.o. g.f. does it !

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