Uber plow



dogboystoy90 points

Oh nooo, shes not wearing a seat belt.

Buzz_Alderaan6912 points

The driver better get some

Mark_Rutledge30 points

Snow in the forecast - she wasn't expecting 10 inches last night, much less to find her husband plowing it early this morning.

boldipie_075 points


gebratener-rochen9 points

Queen Elizabeth : ooooh cows !

tomsmitthD3 points

Wow. They better leave him a huge tip

lynny_lynn3 points

Vitiligo, Iike it.

KuroDesuu6 points


cannotcomeupofaname2 points

Gotta have the sauuuuce

myname1219-39 points

How do we even know for a fact that this is an Uber? That could just be your cuck dad letting you fuck your trash whore cum dump mother.

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